To purchase  or commission a painting, please use the contact form below.  All images are available as prints, ranging from $100 – $200 depending on the size.

nautical-manta-ray-rope-bollard-life-ring‘Mantaray Bollard’ – SOLD


nautical-img_6205‘Ghost Ship’ – 500mm x 350mm $120


nautical-gentle-reflections3‘Timber Lustre’ – SOLD


nautical-gentle-reflections‘Gentle Reflections’ – SOLD


nautical-fishing-boat-superstructure-at-sunset-tin-can-bay‘End of the Day’ – 600mm x 900mm FRAMED $850


nautical-14-05-painting-rope-bollard‘Rope and Bollard’ – SOLD


nautical-14-05-painting-mast-gulls1‘Mast and Gulls’ – SOLD


nautical-14-05-painting-life-rings‘Life Rings’ – SOLD


nautical-14-05-painting-boat-hangingj1pg‘Hanging Boat’ – SOLD


nautical-5-img_3214‘Buoys’ – SOLD


nautical4-the-joshua-c-tallship‘Ghost Ship Series’ – SOLD



‘Ghost Ship Series’ – SOLD



‘Ghost Ship Series’ – SOLD





‘Ghost Ship Series’ – SOLD

4 Responses to Nautical

  1. Ray says:

    I love the nautical paintings, especially the rope work, very nicely done.

  2. Aneeka says:

    I love these paintings and they go well with an art topic I am covering in school. I live in England and request your permission to copy these paintings. As part of my research into an artist I would like to know about the influence behind these paintings. If you could please contact me about these pieces. Thank you

  3. grainne mc anenly says:

    hi, i was just wonder what type of paint you have used in the images ‘Mantaray Bollard’ and ‘Rope and Bollard’ ?

  4. Hi Jenifer,
    I went through your website and maybe I will be able to contact you this way. I have just seen “Australian Story”, as I was almost a part of your case Legally with John Rivette. He contacted me, as I am a human rights legal advocate and the head of Disability Aid Dogs, also an International Dog Trainer and Behaviourist.
    Your trial was a farce – my hope is to be able to meet you someday, as I live in Kingaroy QLD. I am appauled that they have treated you so badly, but have no fear, your day will come, I just hope that you will contact me.


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