Outback & Seascapes


To purchase  or commission a painting, please use the contact form below. All images are available as prints, ranging from $100 – $200 depending on the size.

outback-the-pinnacles1‘The Pinnacles’ – 1200mm x 350mm $3000

40701 – ‘Space and Time’ (Image courtesy of Steve Parish) 700mm x 500mm $550

4066 – ‘Forever Starts Here’ 700mm x 500mm $1200


outback-the-dingo-fence1‘The Dingo Fence’ – SOLD


outback-tenacity1‘Tenacity’ – Gifted to Berry and Associates Williamstown Melb
outback-shifting-duo‘Shifting Sands’ Duo – SOLD


outback-pinnacles‘Oasis’ – SOLD


outback-mundi-mundi-plains1‘Mundi Mundi Plains’ – 1200mm x 400mm $3000


outback-magenta-hill-telegraph‘Magenta Hill Telegraph’ – SOLD


outback-last-customer‘Last Customer’ – SOLD


outback-katajuta1‘Katajuta’ – SOLD


outback-jack-goldie-smithy‘Jack, Goldie and Smithy’ – SOLD


outback-iwillifiwant1‘I Will if I Want’ – SOLD


outback-img_6926‘Saltbush Spinifex and Sand’ (Image courtesy Steve Parish) – SOLD


outback-img_6923‘Mungo Woolshed’ – SOLD


outback-img_6918‘Little Red’ – SOLD


outback-img_6203‘Nature Always Wins’ – SOLD


outback-flin‘The Ranges’ – SOLD


outback-aa-el-sol-jaguar‘El Sol Jaguar’ – SOLD

‘Katajuta’ – SOLD




One Response to Outback & Seascapes

  1. Ray says:

    Your paintings really capture the spirit of the outback; the colours are perfect. I feel like I am there.

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