RAID on Jennifer Parkhurst



On August 25 2009 at 7am I was awakened by a knock at my front door and greeted by five Department of Environment and Resource Management (DERM) officers with a search warrant, accompanied by a police officer.fraser-island-managaement-a-mess-001


They were looking for evidence that I had committed crimes against the Recreation Areas Management Act 2006, on Fraser Island, while operating under a Commercial Activity Permit for filming/photography. (The alleged crimes are discussed below.) The five officers spent six hours in my two bedroom unit and removed absolutely everything in my home that had to do with dingoes, dogs, photography, and computers. This includes the entirety of my last seven years’ voluntary work on Fraser Island, photographing and observing the dingoes and collecting marine debris (rubbish). They took my external hard drives, my back-up drives, and my catalogues of same. This included 19 hard drives comprising 17 terabytes of data.


As well as photos the hard drives also contained extensive field notes of every day I spent on the Island observing the wild dingoes, and all my personal journals.


They also contained photographs dating back to my childhood which I had digitized, personal letters to my (now deceased) mother, letters to friends, e-mails, and the original notes and manuscript for the book which I have been working on for the last several years, and all the photos for the book, which was just about to be published, leaving me without a copy.


They took many things unrelated to my alleged crime: personal birthday cards with dingoes on them; photographs taken at dingo sanctuaries; DVD’s clearly marked ‘dingo sanctuary’ and DVD’s of my beloved deceased K9 dog. They took my GPS, my rubbish collection (marine debris) log book, as well as photographs of dingoes from my walls; and they photographed the paintings I had done of dingoes, and took close-ups of my signature on the bottom of the paintings. Fund-raising items belonging to Save Fraser Island Dingoes Inc (SFID) were confiscated, such as a kiddies t-shirt with ‘save the dingo’ printed on it, fridge magnets with ‘save the dingo’ printed on them, bookmarks, and a wall poster with ‘save the dingoes’ printed on it.

4th-july-2009-chronicle The agenda: to rid the Island of one of its most vocal dingo management strategy protesters.

 fcc-23rd-june-09_0001-1In some of the articles I have published and in radio interviews, I referred to my work as ‘research’. According to DERM, under the RAM Act section 112, it is an offence to call oneself a researcher without being affiliated with a university and without being a ‘research permit’ holder.Apparently the penalty for this under legislation can be up to two years imprisonment. This section 112 was in part the grounds for the Search Warrant being granted. No charges have been laid with regards to this alleged offence.


 They also allege that I published photos without using the government logo (as per permit conditions). However, I was not paid for publishing any of the articles or photographs. And I have not since been charged for not displaying the government logo on my photographs.


Conversely, researchers on Fraser Island are not allowed to use photographs obtained during the course of their research commercially, yet those that have done so, have not been raided, nor to my knowledge have they been fined for publishing their photographs, which likewise did not feature the government logo.


While on Fraser Island I have devoted a great deal of time to picking up and removing the tones of rubbish that washes up on the beach, all on a voluntary basis and have done this for many years and at my own expense, removing approximately 50 tones per year. Because I always returned from my Island trips with a ute load of rubbish, the barge operators gave me free access to the Island.


When the local paper ran a story with regards to the marine debris project, and used the Govt logo in the story, DERM then rang the administrator of one particular marine debris project and asked whether we had permission to 1/ clean the beach (I find this bizarre) and 2/ use the government logo.


So on one hand I was apparently being prosecuted for not using the Govt logo and on the other hand my colleagues were being questioned for using the logo.


During the raid they removed the original marine debris collection note book containing the fuel receipts, dates of collections, and data counts.


Why would DERM remove evidence that I care about the environment, make the Island more attractive for tourists, and safer for marine life?


DERM has now asked the barge operators to start charging me for my trips to the Island. One of barge operators felt they had no choice but to comply, even though it is not DERM’s concern. The other operator continued to give me the courtesy lift up until last week –August 18 2010 – (thank you Kingfisher barges), when they were suddenly forced to desist.


Locals, who I suspect were members of DERM, then put a derogatory and slanderous flyer around town claiming that I manipulated this whole scenario to gain publicity for the sales of my upcoming book. Notwithstanding the horror of the raid, I don’t know anyone clever enough to organize such a fiasco, nor to want such a terrible invasion of their private space in order to get some publicity. And as a result of the raid, my publisher pulled out of the contract.


I have also been accused of ‘disturbing’ the dingoes.



I dare say that rangers hazing dingoes away from natural food sources and their territorial boundary (the beach) after 5am and before 5pm, is disturbance. Dingoes can’t read the management strategy or understand that they are not allowed to patrol their territories as per tidal fluctuations, but are supposed to do so by a human clock.


I suspect that tagging, trapping, and destroying animals are acts of disturbance. Tagging a juvenile dingo so that its ear droops and it is unable to hunt appropriately, is not only disturbance, it is cruel. Letting starving, skeletal animals roam listlessly looking for food is cruel.


I have also been charged with ‘interfering with a natural resource’.


I feel that performing hazard reduction burns during puppy season would be considered ‘disturbing’ and ‘interfering’ by burning up the adults’ food source.

An out-of-control hazard reduction burn on Fraser Island raged for 10 days last year, wiping out 22% of the Island. after-fire-img_8115before-fire-img_1076

When a fire burns in a southerly direction, from one side of the Island to the other, towards the beach, there is little chance for the dingoes and their new pups get away. Or for the rest of the animals get away. None of the animals ended up on the beach, and no carcasses were found after the burn, such was the heat it generated. One of the dingo’s main food sources, especially at puppy time, is an echidna. How does an echidna outrun such a fire, or dig deep enough to avoid it?


University students put tracking collars or aversive conditioning collars on the dingoes to study their movements in the name of science. Aversive conditioning has been proven not to work, and a recent study by Dr Nick Branson, behavioral scientist from Deakin University has found that: ‘The dog becomes fearful and in some cases it can be catastrophic, because it is unable to associate what behavior is causing them to get the shock’. And yet these trials continue with dingoes on Fraser Island. Research permits and scientific credentials do not help the dingoes understand the reason for the pain, interference and disturbance to their lives.


I find it bizarre that our legal system finds it is a justifiable use of resources for a Government department to spend so much time and money stalking, harassing, and observing a lone female individual, and then spend six hours raiding my home, on the basis that I allegedly fed a starving animal.


DERM is selective about who it enforces the law upon. Many Island locals have fed the dingoes for years (and continue to do so to this day), and spend time with them; some rangers even used to have dingoes living under their huts, and the dingoes preferred to whelp their pups within the safety of human buildings rather than out in the bush. Island dingoes are not wolves; they are not completely wild; they have always enjoyed a symbiotic relationship with people.


Yet these people have not been raided or fined. Neither did they speak up loudly about the government dingo management strategy.


Do I deserve to have been raided, and have the last seven years of my life taken away? These actions seem deplorable to any ‘normal’ person I talk to. These actions are a violation of basic human rights to freedom of speech, and make a mockery of democracy. 2nd-july-2009-chronicle


Should the thousands of supporters out there all expect their homes to be raided as well? My friends are all concerned that DERM now has copies of their correspondence to me. They wonder if they are about to be raided too.


I AM NOT A TERRORIST; I am not manufacturing or distributing drugs; I am not loitering at the primary school trying to lure kids with pornographic intent; I didn’t plan to become an activist. I merely saw an injustice being done to an animal and could not stay quiet.


A High Court of Australia decision in another case found that it was unfair of the law to place the entire burden of educating the community on the shoulders of one person. I would rather not have been raided, and I would rather not be facing jail, but I gladly shoulder the burden this government has placed on me if it means that the community in general is educated about the cruel plight of our very precious Fraser Island Dingoes.


History shows us that human progress can only be made when somebody suffers for that which is true and right.


Please sign the petition below:

Thank you everyone for all of your supportive comments.

I have received a few offers from people to donate towards the fine I received.

If anyone is interested in donating, you can take a cheque to your local Magistrates court and pay them at the counter. Payee is ‘State Penalties Enforcement Registry’ and my Party ID is: 62883053. Please be sure to get a receipt, and if you would be so kind as to post me a copy of the receipt for my records, I would be most grateful.

Mail can be sent to me C/O Save Fraser Island Dingoes: 50 Old Maryborough Rd Pialba Qld 4655

72 Responses to RAID on Jennifer Parkhurst

  1. Ray says:

    Some things in this world are just not right, and this is one of them. I’m surprised you’re still fighting after everything that’s happened to you. It’s such a shame that you had to go through this in order to raise awareness.Keep up the good work, one day someone will listen and things will change.

  2. Larry Mildwater says:

    Jennifer – I wept on reading today’s SMH “Good”Weekend article. I love dogs and horses. My son Billy as a youth at weekends looked after the dingoes at Waratah Park, Sydney, he said they were lovely, beautiful dogs. He also looked after “Skippy” (there were 12 of them over time) and we knew their vet/trainer for the films. What can I say except my heart bleeds for you and the dingoes. With those politicians and bureaucrats I would never set foot in Queensland. I hope you receive this message.

  3. margaret Pagett says:

    Hi Jennifer, yesterday 21st June 2012 you gave a talk at National Seniors Noosa I attended and was brought to tears when I heard what was happening to the dingos on Fraser Island, I can not believe in this day and age we are treating these animals with such cruilty, if the government dont want them on fraser island why dont they move them to somewhere else. These animals cant speak for themselfs so we have to speak for them. They have every right to be here and they beautiful creatures. What can I do to help ?. Kind Regards Margaret.

  4. Having challenged the indemic and insidious bureaucrtic machine ourselves, we viewed Australian Story’on the ABC this evening with a considerable degree of understanding for Jennifer and her plight. While I’m sure Jen would admit – with the benefit of hindsight she would probably do things a little differently – in the world of attempting to make a genuine difference, one sometimes has to push the boundaries around whats necessary. She is certainly guilty of that. The overwhelming challenge in that quest however, is the inordinate power, control, and indeed, the personally driven agendas of the mostly mean-spirited bureaucrats and people in postions of influence who because of their own inadequacies, insecurities, and ignorance focus predominently on shooting the messenger – and on blaming punishing and discrediting those who are seen to threaten their power and authority. What a pity there could not be a collaboration from all for the common good of the animals rather than that of those who are attempting to save face and assert their authority. Sadly – when the focus becomes the actor rather than the act, commonsense and decency no longer prevails. More power to you Jen. Although you may seem powerless in your efforts, be assured in the fact that – ‘Evil triumphs when good people do nothing’.

    Paul & Jacqui Herring

  5. DingoSimon says:

    Does anyone remember what happened to Dian Fossey from Gorilla’s in the Mist? She was killed by poachers for protecting the silver back gorilla.
    Jane Goodall ( Australian woman) put her life on the line to save baby chimpanzees being killed by poachers.
    Steve Irwin died in his efforts to teach us about wildlife.
    Bob Irwin carries on bravely always asking for our help.
    Malcolm Douglas showed us life in the top end, he has died too.
    All we have left at the moment is Jennifer Parkhurst. She is trying to stop the bad Rangers from killing off our dingo and this Qld Govt.did their best to stalk, harass and now slander her because she has put her life on the line to stop this genocide. From little things , big things grow.

    There is now a huge public sentiment growing, that is absolutely disgusted in DERM’s treatment of Fraser Island Dingo, yet DERM go out of their way to save the Cassowary, dugong, loggerhead turtle and the Koala. This is the right thing to do. There are less than 100 dingoes left on the Island, that means they are endangered and within a few years they could be extinct.
    We as wildlife carers and conservationists must do all we can and get behind Jen. We must encourage communication with the Govt and seek the advice of Independent dingo experts and scientists to plan a better way of managing the cohabitation of the tourist and the dingo. The last 20 years of management have failed. Clinton Gage’s death by a starving dingo, multiple incidents with starving dingoes and tourists and QPWS removed nearly 60% of the dingoes food source and we are told their Management Strategy Plan is working. I let you be the judge.

  6. Barbara says:

    I commend and support the work Jennifer Parkhurst has done and is doing to expose the plight of the dingoes on Fraser Island. Jennifer is right the dingoes should be fed away from the people as the Cassowary are in the rainforest and Yellow Stone National Park. The dingoes as well suffer the loss of habitat as they are excluded from a big part of Fraser Island and it is obvious from the photographs that they are starving as a result of it. I fully agree with Jennifer that the survival of the dingoes on Fraser Island is of paramount importance, not only for Fraser Island’s tourism but more importantly for the preservation of Australia’s biodiversity and Aboriginal People’s culture. Therefore the laws and the present management strategy are wrong and have to change. I believe that if this current management strategy continues then the dingoes on Fraser Island will become extinct.

    The Park is not managed as National Park should be. It is obvious from the management strategy, this interview, Australian Story and most importantly from Jennifer’s photos and her book where she documents the dingoes behavior as territorial pack, that the rangers killing of the aggressive dingoes and ad hock culling disrupts their culture – to my mind the rangers cannot produce any scientific evidence to counter Jennifer’s findings and to show that what they do is not detrimental to the future ability of the dingoes to survive. In fact, the management strategy admits that its management is “the application of incomplete knowledge” and, because the dingoes population is small and closed, so if and when their acquisition of the complete knowledge will be finaly achieved, it will be too late for the dingoes. (Jennifer’s research on the pack is supported by Brad Purcell’s research in Blue Mountains he points out that “as soon as you disrupted the culture you create a very volatile state for the population and then you do not know what they will do “A study in Queensland found that when random dingo baiting occurred, paradoxically, livestock predation increased (Catalyst 4-6-2009))

  7. I watched the repeat of Australia Story yesterday and was shocked at the content, I am an animal lover and especially of Australian wild life. As so many of our dingoes are mating with wild dogs thus making lots of the dingoes cross breeds, Frazer Island dingoes are the only true breed of dingo, we should be going out of our way to preserve them, not kill them. Everyone has regretted the loss of so many of our native animals in the past, this is 2011 when we are supposed to know more and yet there is every chance that these wonderful creatures will become extinct in the not too distant future, all that is needed is the right form of management so that that they do not starve, well fed animals are not likely to attack humans etc.

    Valerie Palangas

  8. I’m with Jennifer, the dingoes on Fraser are unique & purest in the country, the Yogi bears couldn’t manage a chook raffle.Personally, I think they regret doing what they have done because it has revealed how incompedent DERM is.Everyone knows dingoes have interacted with man since they were introduced to this country approx. 5,000 yrs ago.I’m absolutely disgusted in the way DERM have treated Jennifer.

    Wayne Gawthorne

  9. Libby says:

    I don’t think that anyone is saying that feeding the animals is ok Martin. What your [edit] essay fails to acknowledge is that the Fraser isl dingo is bring persecuted for the mighty tourist dollar so if your interset is in conservation perhaps you don’t realize that the animals are being starved and shot so that tourists can drive up and down the dunes bath in the creeks and lakes (yesthats using soap etc) urinate and defecate in the sand (yes without the benefit of sanitation) so it’s not because they are cute and cuddly it’s because they are not given due respect. Even the traditional landowners wishes are being ignored.


  10. Jade says:

    to pay off her over exagerated fine, i suggest jennifer should take an approach *gasp* comerialy! via her artwork, photographs and documented research. selling possibly in other wildlife support areas, and potentially national geographic stores who sell australian icons and symbols.

    make it happen jennifer you have many supporters


  11. Ziggy says:

    instead of the government and the rangers crucifying Jennifer, they should honour her for the work that she is doing, she is our Jane Goodall, what Jane did for the Mountain gorillas,Jennifer is doing for the Dingo population on Fraser! it is about time that rangers who are employed to protect wildlife do so, instead of killing the endangered wildlife in favour of tourism. The government has it all wrong as usual..I just watched Jennifer on Australian Story and it made me sick to see these poor dingoes starving,and noone seems to care. Why should tourism be more important that the welfare of animals. Please rearrange your priorities,where is the RSPCA when we need them,surely their code is to protect all animals, isn’t that what is says on their TV commercial. We are all on your side Jennifer,keep protecting the dingoes. These rangers should loose their job for cruelty to wild animals. Ziggy

  12. janine goddard says:

    Dear Jennifer,

    What can I do to help the Dingoes? They are obviously starving even though the Govt.authorities deny this.

    In August I was on the Kingfisher Resort side of the Island for a day and attended a NPW talk in the resort where they painted a positive picture of the Dingoes life and said they are a “naturally thin” dog.

    I do not believe this propaganda for a minute and I had a good walk around the bush and could not see any evidence of any natural food source on the Island. No animal droppings at all.

    They did say they die early from all the sand ingested, which gives them Sand Colic. Probably the shellfish they eat whilst foraging on the beach, to try and stay alive.

    An old timer told me that Dingoes were taken to FI by Aboriginals to help hunt the Brumbies. Parks and Wildlife took the Brumbies off the Island because they were not “natives” so taking away a major food source for the Dingoes.

    Watching them eat water melon skin I can see they are starving.

    They need to set up food stations to stop them starving.
    They need a breeding program.
    They could re-locate them to a sanctuary on the mainland.
    They could introduce small Wallabies and other Wildlife for food.
    They are doing nothing except ear tagging,weighing them down with dangerous huge tracking collars, setting alight the forest with out of control “controlled burning”, harrassment, shooting etc. etc. Also fining you and harrassing you to try and intimidate you to keep quiet.

    That picture of the Dingo with a gun to its head just broke my heart. It looked utterly beaten down and knew what was coming.

    I don’t think the Govt. has any ideas or even cares a toss. What can I do to help?

    Keep up the fight.

    Cheers, Janine Goddard

  13. Jan Wegner says:

    Hello Jennifer
    I have just purchased your book as a gift for a friend who lives in Scotland so hopefully this will help spread the word internationally. I grew up at Mt Julian (near Proserpine) and spent much time at my late grandmothers home at Mount Marlow (also near Proserpine). The dingoes lived in the hills and I remember hearing them howling at night. I was never afraid of them. Probably because one of my late great aunties had one as a pet. She lived in Proserpine – everybody knew and no-one complained – maybe DERM did not exist then:-) I now live in Cooloola and have seen the dingoes on Fraser. I get mad when I hear that one of these dogs have been put down. And it infuriates me when a father threatens to be a vigilante when his child has been bitten. And before someone starts jumping up and down please do not get me wrong. I understand the protective nature of parents and no-one wants to see a child harmed. But prevention is better then cure. When we visit Fraser we are in the dingoes environment – it is the visitors responsibility to educate themselves and to look after their children. Read and heed the signs!! Maybe signs need to be placed at the barge entry and exit at both Inskip and Fraser so that there is absolutely no excuse. Equally I am totally amazed that island administrators resent you being there. There is absolutely no doubt that dingoes equal tourism on Fraser and isn’t the Queensland Government screaming out for that?? Finally I support you 100% and congratulate you on your hard work<3

  14. DEREK MASON says:

    I am at the grand age 70 years of age and only lately becoming informed of the plight of the Dingoes.
    I was reading some of the so called controlling method of this national heritage=Tagging how many people has seen this hunk of tracking devise hung around the dingoes neck I would like to see the person who places these monstrosities on the poor animal wear one for a week and see how he goes.
    The killing of juveniles the philistines did this not Christians.
    Fencing of feeding areas and electric fencing and electric girds COME ON what are you people is this answer to over populating
    YOURS TRULY D mason

  15. Fraser Jack says:

    Hi jen i’ve been reading about you on face book and dont worry i can see what is really going on. there is a massive conspiracy against you becasue you dared to enter the political arena. you couldnt help it i suppose becasue the issue is political. it is a government reaction or i should say overreaction to the fact that they know they caused what happened in 2001. they are protecting themselves at any cost.
    keep fighting girl there are many supporters behind you by the looks of it. truth will win out. Jack.

  16. ML says:

    Am writing to state my complete disgust at your written letter by Steve Brisky which is so blatantly biased to DERM its embarrassing to read in the media of so call reporting?
    It is known by “intelligent ” people, that the Clinton Gage tragedy had many factors and none of those at all to do with Jennifer Parkhurst.. DERM know’s that they have created a nightmare of mismanagement that puts at risk both tourist and dingoes. Parents MUST be responsible for their children’s welfare. These pure bred famous Dingoes are iconic indigenous animals and have coexisted comfortably with man on Fraser for four thousand years right up until DERM took over responsibility. Would we go to an African Game Reserve and behave in the way that some tourists do on Fraser? And if we did would it be the wild animals who were made to suffer for it? I think not.
    According to a renowned dingo researcher the state government’s harsh treatment of the island’s dwindling dog packs has brought them to the edge of extinction.The detailed studies and records collected by Jennifer Parkhurst have exposed the dingoes’ plight. Things like starvation, poor survival of pups, inhumane treatment of dogs through tagging and culling methods, and hassling by visitors must be addressed immediately to save these animals from impending extinction.
    Jennifer Parkhurst started her studies on Fraser Island, , two years after a Clinton Gage had died ,so how could Jennifer have had any part in that terrible event?
    The dingoes constantly being tagged, demonized, brutalized and confronted daily by tourists who shriek and scream at the sight of them, blind Freddy can see that this will create a problem!

  17. Alex says:

    You were the ‘Patsy’, they are guilty of the abuse of the Dingo, on a massive sand island without food. The dingo is a beautiful animal with little dangerous tendency, how do I know, I have personally also worked with these incredible canines, a prodigy of the Malaysian Area, you are the real treasure here, the criminals are the park rangers and those who prosecuted you to COVER UP their own miss Management of the Island and its precious wildlife – the Dingo.

  18. Hi Lisa and Rebecca, thanks for writing. Please join SFID and you will get all our news and updates and we will be able to work out the best way you can help, depending on which state you live in and what talents and abilities you have. To do that you can contact our secretary, Karin on meanwhile, if you would like to join our face book group, there is always heaps of news there. save fraser island dingoes. and there are a few videos on you tube you might like to see. the one here, if you click on this link, will show you what is happening at the moment with the FI dingoes. please pass it around amongst your friends. thanks.

  19. Lisa Macdonald says:

    Hi Jennifer ,my housemate and i watched your story on channel 2 Austrailan story about the dingo s and we thought you were doing the right thing trying to help them we are both animal lovers and want to help as well how can we help you ? please tell us if there is any way thanks Lisa Macdonald , Rebeca Wood ,ps sorry we got back to you so late as your story was ages ago .And can you tell us how the dingos are doing now .

  20. Hi Jennifer, I realise your battle began a long time back however, living in WA, I had not heard about it until I happened across this site. It is appalling to read of such injustices, to the dingoes and yourself. I have had more than one close encounter with wild dingoes while travelling in the bush alone. I respect and like dingoes as intelligent wildlife, here long before we Europeans set foot here and began our desecration. As for some people in Government Departments with their uniforms to hide behind as they bully with power lust, they should be totally ashamed. May they learn in years to come of their stupidity. Do you still have outstanding fines to pay ? I am not sure from the above just where you are at with that. Warmest regards and congratulations on being such a caring and dedicated person. Should those with the guns and collars be so lucky as to ever reach your status. Regards Nadeen

  21. Paula says:

    You are the victim of draconian government who now has a bulldozer to make a path to the better treatment of poor defenseless animals.
    Citizens, please keep clear of bulldozer or ride with me……..should you be a DERM employee…..please feel free to stand in the way ….

  22. jackie says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    Thank goodness there are still people like you that will talk common sense in this day and age. We had the pleasure of visiting Fraser Island and unfortunately did not see any dingoes as they had been moved to the northern part of the island. I was very dissappointed as we had looked forward to seeing the purest dingoes in the world. We travelled around Australia and did see many other dingoes and found them to be quite shy and curious animals. We also knew NOT to encourage them to come close. We also supervised our children all the time. I think we need to respect this beautiful animal and treasure the species for our future generations.
    Keep up the good work!

  23. jenna walker says:

    ahhhhhhhhhhhh i just hate it when people shoot dingos what have they done?
    and by the way if your thinking well they attack people but that is just the way they have to live jeazzzzzzzzzzzz

  24. Marrshall Gunston says:

    As I have never been to Fraser Island, I am unfamiliar with the situation. However I was reared in the bush so I am familiar with many aspects of native wild life & the ecosystem. What I saw on TV the other night about the starving dingos on Fraser island was appalling, particularly when there is a sensible compassionate woman being hounded by wacko laws for trying to find a solution to the problem. I understand the Fraser Island dingos are one of the few remaining pure breeds of dogs left in the world so would be a terrible shame to see them go the way of the Tasmanian Tiger by people in authority who should know better.
    There appears to be plenty of vegetation on the island but no prey for meat which is the dingos diet, so why can’t the government introduce some small type of herbivore, whether it be native or introduced to transfer the vegetation into meat. Naturally they would have to be reasonably fast or difficult to catch in order to be able to breed and survive long term. It’s unlikey that they would become a threat to the ecosystem as the dingos would regulate the numbers as well as their own numbers according to their food supply.
    Because the dingo has been part of the Australian egosystem for many thousands of years and is now starving which seem to suggest that the ecosystem on Fraser Island must be out of whack anyway. Perhaps if the dingos had plenty to eat they may leave the tourist alone. All that is required to solve the Fraser Island problem as I see it is to over rule some of our wacko laws & introduce a bit of good old fashioned common sense, remember the old saying, there is no substitue for common sense.
    Perhaps another solution would be for the Government to grant special permission for interested members of the public to purchase a large property on the mainland & fence it with a dingo proof fence. After stocking it with native wild life transport the dingos from Fraser Island into a natural environment. Perhaps it could even be made into a tourist attraction in order to help maintain its upkeep.

  25. Callum,

    if yo would like to do something significant to save the dingo, please voice your concern to the follwing: (DERM) (Kate Jones) (Anna Bligh) (Jack Dempsey) (Ted Sorensen) Terry Harper
    Ross Belcher Regional Manager DERM Cnr Alice and Lennox Streets Maryborough Qld 4650 07 41211800 Fax 07 41211650.
    QPWS Rainbow Beach: (07) 5486 3160
    QPWS Maryborough: (07) 4121 1860

  26. Dear Callum,

    We are about to start a SFID Kids Club. If you would like to contribute, why don’t you draw me a picture of a dingo, scan it and e-mail it to me, and write me an e-mail telling me what you think about our dingoes and why they are so special.



  27. Hi Annie,

    you are right, the dingo in the video was just playing, and you can see he almost looked sad when he was growled at. the little girl has a rottweiler dog, which has given her much worse bites than that. Her parents gave me full permission to take her into the bush on the island, and theywere not upset by the bite which i showed them on video. she returned to the island many times after that to visit the dingoes. Dingo play behavior is often misconstrued as aggression, or purposefully construed as aggression. if you look at the photos at the bottom of the ‘SFID’ page of my website, before the comments, you will see photos of dingo’s hair- and clothes-pulling. it is a strange but common hobby they have!

    we have asked DERM to relocate dingoes but it refuses, despite the fact that many dingo sanctuaries are ready and willing to take them at their own cost.

    the Qld RSPCA has told us that 1/ dingoes are wildlife and therefore do not fall under the RSPCA charter, and 2/ that even if they did, we have not shown them evidence of starvation or cruelty

    and yes, they have seen the footage you saw the other night. we are currently having discussions with RSPCA National, to see if we can get any more sense out of them. i know hundreds of people which no longer support the RSPCA becasue of this. but hey, they are Government funded.

  28. Callum Styles says:

    Dear Jenifer
    I am outraged at how the dingos are being treated. It is cruel and inhumane to treat these beautifal animals so horribly. I am only 12 but I see that something absoulutley positivetly must be done to help these poor starving dingos. I agree with your point of view 100%. The government should stop this slaughter and treet thses animals with the respect they deserve.

    Yours sincerely callum styles

  29. Amber Hunt says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    Just wanted you to know I think you’re bloody marvellous!
    I’m behind you all the way, as I imagine most Australians would be if they knew about this.
    On a spirit level, I’m asking that you receive all the help you need.
    Strength, Courage and Power to you!

  30. HI LN
    I cannot agree with you more… word for word. SANCTUARY – YES. Or supposed to be. Thank you for the definition.

    Your experts and mine must be different to the Govt’s.


    I also empathise with the parents of CG, who wouldnt? what a horrendous thing to have to live through, and you could never really get past it. .but I have heard (but cannot corroborate) that the parents of the child do not blame the dingoes. It is up to them to come forward and refute/confirm this while they still can, while there are still dingoes on the island.

    Thank you for reminding everyone about the Aussie slang! Dingo apparently = coward, = backs out of a fight! It is true! They avoid fighting whenever possible. But any animal, when starving, will do anything to survive, even humans.

    As to cane toads, don’t get me started – there is a plague of them, as well as WEEDS – on Fi.

    Thanks for your comments

  31. I was thrilled to receive your letter.

    It is young people like you who will change the future for the dingoes. If you send me your postal address I will send you a signed photo of my favorite dingo pups. Then perhaps you can take it to school and tell all your mates about what is happening to them.

    Would you like to start your own Kid’s Dingo Club? We can make it a part of our regular newsletters. That way all the people who subscribe to SFID will hear your opinions! I have two nieces who love dingoes, and I am sure they would like to join the club, and we can ask all our members if their kids would like to join!

  32. Jordan Sparrow says:

    Hi jennifer,

    I am 12 years old and I heard about you on Australian Story and I am outraged about the fact that all you are doing is keeping these poor starving dingoes alive. I feel this is discusting. I am going to stand up for you and fight these laws! Hope to speak soon.

    sincerely Jordan

  33. Georgie says:

    Hello Jennifer,
    Re: Australian Story
    How bloody dare they do this to the dingoes and to you. If the general public treated their animals this way the RSPCA would quick smart have them in jail and with damn good reason. They can bullshit all they like with their rules and regulation. Can’t they come up with a feeding program and a breeding and interaction program that makes sense. If the Fraser Island Dingoes are one of the purest strains left does it not make sense to preserve them.
    May the old gods put their weight behind you,

  34. Hi Kev, thanks for your comment. you may not have seen dingoes becasue they were happy and comfortable, who knows? but the Butchulla Elders from FI state that the dingo has always been a companion animal to them on the island. i dont think there is any doubt of their heritage. in any case, they do need food support. this is often done in national parks around the world becasue starvation is a rare issue. their attitude is that humans intruded and caused the problem and therefore human intervention is needed (ie random food drops). even if it was only during peak tourist seasons , which coincide with breeding seasons, to keep the dingoes in the bush more often. They would still have to patrol their territorial boundary (ie the beach) but may not necessarily be lured buy the scent of bbq.

  35. E deBouter says:

    Dear Jennifer,
    It may be a bit late, but we watched Australia story on the 28/2/2011 and were quite surprised by the stupidity and Nazi storm trooping attitude by the DERM squad.

    Any animal that is half starved due to a backward mentality that seems to be displayed by Park Rangers, will look for alternatives as a food source. As these pure breds are a surviving minority they should be looked after properly, and if that means feeding them, so be it.At least its better to have a friendly dog than a half starved one.

    I think the mentality of the controlling authority speaks for itself, and many others feel the same as I do that most Park Rangers are total Baffoons, and have the intellect of air in a paper bag. This was also seen when Park’s and Wildlife Rangers went on a rampage in culling the wild horses some years back.

    What is needed is greater participation by the general public, in demanding a better outcome and better looking after of these animals.

    Beattie’s stupid remark that they be shot at that time, shows his own stupid intellect in not knowing any thing of animal behaviour or animal outcomes. Which seems to be prevalent in many in the Qld State.

    E deBouter.

  36. Kevin J. Dunne says:

    In 1951 I was one of 770 scouts from all over Australia who spent a little over 2 weeks on Fraser Island.
    We were told that there was a small settlement at an FM station on the middle of the island. we were also warned of the presence of Death Adder snakes.
    We were not told of Dingoes nor did we see any whilst we hiked and camped at several spots including some days at Eurong Beach. Aboriginees were not mentioned either.
    This suggests that Dingoes were introduced some years later.
    I understand that the island was used for jungle training during the war and wonder if any trainees could comment.
    A few years ago we visited the island again and Dingoes were all over the place.
    As for their current food problem I suggest that confirms my belief that they have only been there for a relatively short time and that there was/is no food support!
    I would be most interested in watching progress.
    Kev, Sydney

  37. L . N says:

    Hi Jennifer
    I Don’t even know where to start to be honest , firstly i have been training horses for stock work & working dogs all of my life & i know dogs believe me ! I always had a real affection for the Australiana country/outback if you like & always loved listening to the old cattlemen/bushmen & their stories , i have had in the past , Kelpies & done cattle dog trials with them & had Aust Cattle dogs & now breed Aust Stumpy Tail cattle dogs , all of which have the Dingo ancestry blood in them by the way , i have had a fair bit to do with the dingo & it saddens me to see what is going on with the QLD Goverment , National Parks & wildlife not to mention in N.S.W & Victoria as far that goes , with the culling of the Brumbies as with the Dingoes , which they was supposedly brought over with the Aboriginals in their travels when the seas were low & were used as an aid for hunting thousands of years ago . I really can’t see where the QLD goverment/National parks get off in doing this , fair enough farmers need to protect their livestock on the mainland , i will grant them that , but on Fraser Island i really think it’s uncalled for & i repeat UNCALLED FOR ! I saw the documentary on TV tonight in regards to yourself trying to help these dingoes on Fraser Island & its a real credit to you ! THIS however is my OPINION , Firstly the Goverment needs to turn Fraser Island into a NATURE RESERVE/SANCTUARY & for those who are in the National Parks/QLD Goverment who do not know the meaning of the word SANCTUARY , I will tell you meaning of the word SANCTUARY -A HOLY PLACE/A PLACE OF SAFETY FOR A FUGITIVE which the Dingo has been turned into & also A PLACE WHERE ANIMALS OR BIRDS CAN LIVE ” UNDISTURBED ” full stop ! According to the National Parks the only purebred Dingoes that exsists are on Fraser Island , other than a few registed breeders , as to the Dingoes on the main land which according to the National Parks are more than X Breds ? They need to e.g introduce wallabies onto the Island , which is their natural food source not hand outs from humans , i mean if there is no food source for them , then what & the hell do they think is going to happen , after all they feed wild animals at the zoos ! Don’t they ? Also people are so dumb at the best of times i think , i have this thought i always believed in & it goes like this , THE MORE I HAVE TO DO WITH PEOPLE , THE MORE I SEEM TO LIKE MY DOGS ! The public/people/visitors to the Island , really , if you were to go to Africa , they know damn well theres Lions on the place right ! Would you leave your children unatended ? For that matter adults as well ! NO ! Than where do these fools think thats its any different on Fraser Island , especially when these poor bastards are dying of starvation . Don’t get me wrong here , my heart goes out to the young lad killed by the Dingo on Fraser Island , but at the end of the day it is the responsibility of the parents ! As much as this may hurt the parents of this boy if they were to read this , i am not in any way trying to bring them down , i just believe its a FACT ! I have these Aust Stumpy Cattle dogs & they are by no means friendly to any strangers who comes onto my property & with my 8 year old boy they are great , they love him , but i still need to be careful of them , i teach my boy everything i can , alpha males in the pack , when the bitches have pups not to go near them without me & not to go near them when they are eating , as in the wild they think you are going to take their food from them ! All i know is that the Dingoes i have had anything to with have been a very shy dog , Take the Aussie slang for example , a bloke that is a coward & backs out of a fight is known to be a Dingo , therefore as for a coward the dingo is by no means a courageous animal , i have seen them on my property while riding on horse back , they will look at you for a while as long as you stop still & if you move towards them they will casually trot off into the scrub & looking back at you casually as they disappear . IF Dingoes on Fraser Island have been ruined its thanks to HUMAN ERROR & thats all there is to it ! All i can say at the end of the day , if the National Parks & the QLD , N.S.W & Victoria Goverment really want to do some good , then get rid of these bloody Cane Toads & any other pests or feral animals that man has introduced to this WONDERFUL COUNTRY , LEAVE THE OLD DINGO ON FRASER ISLAND IN PEACE , WHITE MAN HAS DONE ENOUGH DAMAGE ! DON’T YOU THINK !

    P.S JENIFER if i can be of any assistance to you , please feel free to contact me at any time ! Regards .

  38. John Vivian says:

    Dear Jennifer,i watched the 4 corners program tonight you are a wonderful caring person you have been to hell and back gee love your guts, i would like donate funds to this cause enclosed my email. thanks again for standing tall and been strong regarding these lovely canines..John

  39. Bruce Kidd says:

    Tonight watched ABC “Australian Story”. Disgusting what the Qld Govt has done to make an example of Jennifer. The real problem for Fraser Island is over-tourism. DO NOT CULL THE DINGOES. Cull the tourist numbers. Obviously the source of the dingoes normal diet has also been severely impacted upon by tourism as well. Otherwise they would still be hunting as they used to do and obtain a normal diet. The other shame is the ridiculous treatment in sentencing that Jennifer was subjected to, as opposed to the male person who was just as responsible as Jennifer for the unfortunate breaches of law in feeding the dingoes and “encroaching” into the dingoes lives to the point where Jennifer actually embarassed the Qld Govt with the simple conclusions she could see in front of herself. The tagging of the dingoes ears with large, hearing impairing tags shows how inept the Govt emnployees were. Jennifer I wish you every happiness and success in the future. Your love and gift when it comes to those wonderful animals is to be treasured. I only wish I could help in some way.

  40. Glenn Bird says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    My name is Glenn Bird.

    My Sister’s name is Nai Nai Barrowcliff. I saw your australian story feature. I’m sadden to think that one of our main Totems in our country, is being threaten.

    I had no idea. Frazer Island is my mothers country. I want ot help and I must help. I’m not sure how because I have little knowledge of the local politics but my knowledge on Aboriginal Culture is intense and rewarding(Social Structure and Skin).

    Please give me some scope on where things are for you and the Dingoes. I’m sure I can help. Have you contacted my sister. If you don’t know her then you should ,she is one of the traditonal owners of the Island(My mother is a Gala one of the families decendent of the Original people). I’m also known to Fiona Foley(another family) she should be able to help as well, other wise I will try and help from here in the Northern Territory.

    There is no time to lose email me soon.

    Kind Regards,

    Glenn Bird

  41. Andrew says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    I just watched The Dogs of War on Australian Story – great coverage for the cause! I work in environmental research and know first hand how frustrating it can be dealing with government so-called experts. Often the biologists know what should be done but are hampered and gagged by their department’s other agendas. But the facts get out eventually. Keep up the fight, this coverage will hopefully be an immense help in saving Fraser’s dingoes.

  42. Larney Grenfell says:

    Hi Jennifer.
    I have just seen the Australian Story on the ABC and I am saddened to hear how you have been treated. We need to keep this fight going. I have been to Fraser Island and seen the dingoes in the distance. Too many people I am afraid, for Fraser Island, and it is such a pity the dingoes are treated like pests of tourism. What can we do to help now? Who can we write to and are donations still needed? Love your photography and art. Lets hope your work is not in vain.

  43. Opal says:

    Jennifer for some time I have been concerned about those dingos and have just finished watching Australian Story u did a good thing and do not let anyone tell u any different. It is all about the almighty tourist dollar if tourist refused to go there until a feeding programme was established believe me action would be taken immediately.
    Thanks for being there for them.

  44. Marilyn says:

    Hi, Jennifer, Just watched Australian Story. You’re somewhat silly, but also couragous. Silly for not sticking to your studies and for being influenced by your short term partner that swayed you from your research. Your studies of the dingo’s is what is important, and the dingos as you say need protection. There has to be a balance between the human and the dingo world and I hope they find it. Good luck to you and I hope you get the chance to go back to the Island.

  45. Nick Clarke says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    just caught you on ABC Australian Story. So many things come to mind but down here one thing really sticks out, what might have been the result if someone like your self fed the Tasmanian Tiger. I hope there is no parallel in what is happening in your territory.
    cheers Nick

  46. Annie says:

    Jennifer,we have just watched Australian Story and we wanted to let you know that we have the greatest admiration for you and what you have achieved.

    My question is, “Where is the RSPCA in all this?
    Surely they could help?
    Obviously the rangers and DERM are quite happy for these beautiful animals to die of starvation, an easy way to get rid of them.

    it was most interesting to see that the dingo which was nipping at the little girl in the video was not aggressive, it seems he only wanted to play. He didn’t snarl or growl like most domestic dogs would have.

    Could some of the dingoes be relocated to Central Australia, instead of being culled?
    Keep up the good work.

  47. Barb Kent says:

    Dear Jennifer,
    I was deeply moved after watching Australian story ‘dogs of war’ on the plight of thr Fraser Island dingo population. I was also insensed at the treatment you received by local authorities and the judicial system.You are a passionate advocate for these beautiful animals and should feel proud that you responded to them with compassion.

    Please let me know how I can respond with a donation and who I can write to to articulate my disgust regarding theit treatment/condition.

    Barb kent

  48. RAY HOLMES says:

    God will be with you forever. Long live he mighty dingo thanks to a wonderful, sexy, beautiful lady.

  49. NIc Papalia says:

    JEN – at last a TV program willing to place the facts to the public in this land. It has taken many years to have a film delivered about the Dingo – which is fact and not stupid sensational rot that is contrived to denigrate this creature. So glad Australian Story are going to give you and the Dingo a ‘Fair Go’! I contacted 60 minutes a few years ago and they were not at all interested in covering the plight of the Dingo. I gave u after it was such a battle to get someone to cover this subject that most Aussie’s know little about! Weird really as they cover other animal stories and a man with Wolves in the UK yet wont touch OUR DINGO!! Well…. that is their loss. Aussie’s love Australian Story. It is time the Dingo had some publicity that was good instead of the continued tripe that is distributed by those backers of 1080 and idiocy!! Go JEN GO!

  50. Mathew Mcdonald says:

    hi jennifer im in admiration of ure efforts to help save the dingo, you are what i call a real australian!dont give up on our ancient icon god bless.

  51. Karin Zwick says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    I only learned about SFID today when I saw a 4WD with the SFID webside on its spare tire cover.
    Please don’t give up your fight for the dingoes. These beautiful animals need our help.
    Too many people take it for granted that Australia has one of the most amazing wildlife on our planet. And as the name already says, it is WILD-life. Fraser Island is not a playground. No patents would go to Krueger National Park in Afrika, open their car door and let the kids out to play and then expect the Government to kill all the lions because they have attacked.
    The dingoes were in Fraser Island first. Now they are starving because humans eliminated their natural food source. How long before some people learn that they do not have the right to erase native Australian beings ( be it humans or animals ) out of “convenience” ?
    How many more times in the future will they have to say SORRY !!
    Best wishes, please let me know if I can help.

  52. Hi Peter, Great to get your letter, though it’s sad to receive yet more confirmation that the dingoes’ numbers are noticeably dwindling. I loved your story of the dingoes at EP sitting with you while you enjoyed a coldie. I’ve certainly done that many a time! Isn’t it lovely to be able to commune with nature in such a way? Jen

  53. Peter Bowley says:

    Hi Jenn, Sorry about your outcome in court recently. You do have to ask yourself “what do some of these people have for brains”. Do the words long drops give you a clue? I often frequent Fraser Island (as I live nearby), by boat these days but by 4WD back in the 80′s & 90′s. I have seen first hand the decline in not only in numbers but in the quality of these magnificent animals. We were actually over on the Island today and that is what inspired me to write to you. I was anchored right on the shore line just north of Elbow Point when two dingos came walking along the beach and sat right in front of our boat for quite sometime. These poor pooches were just skin and bone and it was obvious they hadn’t had a good feed for god no’s how long. We took our chairs up under the shade of a sheoak to have a cold can and the dingos followed us and sat not more than 5 metres from us for close to an hour. These dogs were weary of us and the slightest quick move seem to spook them but at no stage did we feel in the least bit threatened by them. As long as we sat there quietly they were happy to sit and watch us. Brilliant. Now what I would like to know are there any groups around locally that are looking after there well being because i would like to be part of it if i can help in some way. As an avid animal lover I left Elbow Point today feeling very very sad for these animals and couldn’t help but feel that this is all in the name of tourist dollars. My biggest hate in the world bar none is animal cruelty and it seems to me that man is the cause of there suffering. I hope we don’t have to waite untill near extingtion before the politicians decide we need to do something.

    Regards and keep up the good work.


  54. Janelle says:

    Hi Jennifer
    Thinking of you tomorrow, good luck….. <3

  55. MIchelle says:

    Hi Jennifer – that is terrible what has happened to you. Thank you for fighting for the dingoes. I am one of those people who was attacked by dingoes on Fraser Island. There were 3 dogs attacking me but I would never support culling or hurting them. We venture into their territory – we take a risk. I was about 24 at the time and swimming by myself at sunset at Lake MacKenzie back in 1998.

    I was shocked at the treatment I received by the rangers though when it happened. I was carried into their office by 2 men with about 15 bites in my legs and hands and the rangers just laughed at me, said I must have been feeding them (I was not) and did not even make a record of it. After realising after about 10 minutes they had no interest in recording what happened we left for Gympie Hospital. They clearly did not want to know about the problem. And in fact the info flyer they give you when you come onto the island is misleading and wrong. My legs turned black and blue with deep wounds and I could not walk for about 3 weeks. And NPWS had no system in place to record these events (or did not want to). I felt sick when I heard about Clinton Gage a couple of years later.

    I hope you can help save those beautiful animals.

  56. Marie says:

    I am really disturbed at the way you have been treated.
    Equally I am horrified at the seemingly deliberate distruction of the beautiful Dingo’s on Fraser Island.
    It is obvious that the dollar is more important than the protection and valuing these stunning animals. You are a brave lady and I hope that all goes well for you. We have far to few people like you in this country and it saddens me. Wild animals are to be valued and appreciated but the play ground for a few cashed up tourists seems to be more important. Thank you for fighting for what is right and good luck.

  57. Thank you everyone for leaving your comments, it gives me so much strength to know that you are all behind me. i appreciate the time youhave taken to write. when this is all over i will write to you all presonally.

  58. Ellyn Sutton says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    Thanks you so very much for all you are doing for these wonderful animals. My hopes and prayers are with you.

    God speed,


  59. paul says:

    l think its a discrace what they have done here, the government needs to be shot for this mockery of justice and for the cruelty done to australias only pure dingo still alive.Just a discrace qld government.

  60. Darlene Therrien says:

    Dear Jennifer.
    Thank-you for who you are and what you do. I am with you all the way. My prayers are with you.

  61. Sarah says:

    Dear Jennifer,

    I can see that what you are doing could easily be me, so a big thumbs up for what you are trying to do for the dingo. It is totally wrong and im sure it breaches human rights what they are doing to you. I personally love the dingo and have helped look after 2 tame dingos at the national zoo and aquarium in Canberra many years ago. I cherished them both dearly and they showed love like any domestic pet dog would. I have always wanted to visit Fraser Island just to see and spend time watching the dingo’s, but now im not so sure I want to given the crap that’s been going on there since 2005/06. The best time I have had with wild dingos was at Myall Lakes NP, there were a number of lovely dingo’s that came into the camp area, and one came a few times to just sit with us, I felt privileged to share there home with them, and watching 2 younger ones play was lovely. Hang in there, im sure there will be more people backing you then the government.

    The dingo needs more people like you.

  62. Hi Richard,

    thanks so much for your comments. you make me proud to be an Aussie, even if the country is going to the dogs… thought that would probably be a good thing


  63. Richard Lea says:

    Hello again Jennifer
    Meeting you today was a real pleasure and an honour to meet an Australian that really understands our fabulous wildlife and has the strength and moral fibre to get out there and make a difference to our rubbished beaches and threatened Dingoes. Hearing of the rape of your privacy and the theft of your belongings by QPWS/DERM first hand was truly chilling. I am sure this is felt by thousands of animal lovers through out this screwed up country.

    I have been feeding Dingoes at Ayres Rock, Alice Springs and Rainbow Beach and on Fraser Island since 1992. I have also fed birds of prey, Brumbies, Dolphins and any other creature that has its ribs showing through its skin! I await the knock on the door from DERM/QPWS and will gladly have a cell near yours any day.

  64. dick yardley says:

    Hang in there girl
    I have had dealings with e.p.a and parks and wildlife
    They are NOT honest people,they lie and cheat especially
    in court;they are a low form of life.
    The police are not much better.
    It is discusting that the r.s.p.c.a are not doing
    something about the condition of the animals;you can see
    where they get there money from.Stick with Michael he has
    it put together very well.He is very reliable.
    Keep your chin up

  65. Hi Barry and thanks for your comments. It would seem that even cleaning up the beach is a major offence now – watch out KAB. unless you have a permit. queensland is indeed a law unto its own.

  66. Barry Meggs says:

    Unfortunately, as many of us have learned too late, Australia is not a country which truly supports freedom; we have no bill of rights, or other significant protections, as citizens. Even tourists have found themselves innocent victims of our ‘justice system’-eg Chika Honda. I suppose that this means that ‘clean up Australia day’ is technically either a subversive, criminal, or terrorist organisation now. Queensland has long held a reputation for injustice, though, I think, many of us believed that this ended with Sir Joh leaving politics. John Howard proved that, federally, illegal action by a government could still be an effective tool with his raid by para-militaries (effectively mercenaries) upon the Queensland dockworkers. It is sad that the government, or more to the point, a faction of the government has decided to target native wildlife now, as well as its citizens. Wishing you well.

  67. Dingosimon says:

    The more I re -read this page the more chills I get up my back. Even in just trying to imagine what it would be like to be woken from a deep sleep to urgent violent banging on your front door, opening it and to be confronted by 5 people in Uniform waving a warrant in your face would be terrifying, then to have them invading your small home poking their unwanted noses into all your personal belongings and space.
    It has to make us wonder what is the real agenda here to have your home RAIDED because you questioned the treatment of the dingoes on Fraser Island. I understand Jen used to see the Rangers on a daily basis when she 1st began going over there. They knew what she was doing and where she was going, so why suddenly after 7 years this attack on her ?

    I don’t think any of us have any idea of the fear she must be going through when media releases say that your could be going to Jail or be fined $300,000.00 for trying to save the lives of starving and dying dingoes and their puppies.
    This is supposed to be Australia, the land of the free. She is not a criminal and never will be.

    I would like to mention that people like Dian Fossey ( from ” Gorilla’s in the mist ” movie ) Jane Goodall ( saves chimpazees) Malcolm Douglas ( crocodiles and dingoes ) Steve Irwin ( the same ) David Attenborough ( wildlife film maker ) all these people have done what Jen has done. Gone into the field of wildlife and recorded their wonderful experience of these animals on film to share with us.

    Yet sadly on Fraser Island the gentle and elusive dingo has been tracked, trapped, hazed, eartagged, collared with adversary conditioning and eventually shot by the Rangers , who by their own RAMA are supposed to be the Guardians and Custodians of a protected species on a Heritage Listed Island. What hope does this becoming extinct rare dingo have if this keeps on ? It has the hope of people like Jen who will stand up for what they believe in, and gather people around like you who are reading this now, to join with her and say this treatment of the dingo must STOP IMMEDIATELY. There needs to be a better way to manage Fraser Island. Will you help her?

  68. Hi Kevin and Janice

    thank you for your words of encouragement. God is watching over this whole situation and He cares about the animals and the injustice being perpetrated here. lets hope that good wins out over evil, becasue the cruelty simply has to stop.

  69. Hi Estella,

    Thank you so much for your letter of support. It is always great to meet someone else who loves dingoes. As you know they are not the dreadful killing machines everyone makes them out to be. They are the most loyal animal ever I think. If you are really able to help, you could check out the videos on you-tube (if you are able) and please leave a comment. Also pass the links to the videos on to your friends.

    Also we have an official Save Fraser Island Group which is Incorporated, and is non-profit, and we work full time to save the dingoes on the Island. If you would like to join, it is only $5 for regular membership or $10 for voting rights. You can contact the secretary Karin by e-mail at

  70. Estella Dancingstar says:

    Hi there, feel very moved at what’s been happening with you & the Fraser Island Dingoes. I own a dingo & am amazed everyday at her
    love, intelligence & racaliness & feel very sad that so many beautiful dingoes are suffering because of the governments greed & alterier motives…(‘scuse spelling, couldn’t find alterier in the dic but i hope you know what i’m trying to say), & i think that’s it, they have alterier motives for the Island & they don’t intend it to be dingo friendly. Not sure what i can do to help but i’m feeling ‘fired up’, i reckon Fraser Island should be given
    over to the dingoes & no tourists allowed … i’d rather support happy dingoes in their natural environment than feel the need to have to disrupt their
    lifestyle by intruding. I bet a lot more Aussies would feel the same too if they really knew what was going on. Keep up the good work jennifer, you might feel alone sometimes but we are with you in spirit. Love Estella & furry friends

  71. Robbins, Kevin and Janice says:

    Dear Jennifer,

    Praying for you……Zephaniah 3:17

  72. Katie Cincotta says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    My name is Katie Cincotta and I’m a freelance journalist for Dogs Life magazine.
    I’m writing a story about the plight of the Australian Dingo and was both shocked and riveted by your own story, and what is happening on Fraser Island.
    Would you be willing to chat to me by phone for this story?
    I’m on deadline to file next Wednesday 4 November.
    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Best regards,
    Katie Cincotta

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