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  1. Joe Emanuele says:

    Winky, Inky and Byron. Killed for what? A Qld Gov and QPWS deceptive excuse? One would think that the faceless powers that be are hell bent on driving this beautiful animal to extinction. There are laws in place that allow DERM and QPWS to punish us for any act of cruelty, interference or murder of our native and precious wildlife. Where are the laws that punish them for cruelty, fine them for interference and convict them of murder? So many acts of cruelty and countless murders and the hands of QPWS and DERM.

    The Qld Gov, DERM and QPWS are continuously in breach of these laws and publicly flaunt the fact that they are quite obviously exempt from them. What are they really protecting, our wildlife or themselves? We all know the answer to that one.

    What lengths must we ( the people ) go to in order to have our Government hear us, listen to us and for once in their selfish careers listen to us.

  2. Cheryl Forrest-Smith says:

    My heartfelt congratulations and gratitude for your tireless, dedicated and magnificent work to help dingoes. I would dearly love to purchase 200 cards for Christmas that has beautiful photos of the Fraser Is dingoes on the front, and tells of their plight on the back. Do you have such cards, or know where I could obtain?
    Warmest wishes,
    Cheryl (Forrest-Smith)

  3. alfred mueller says:

    To all who share our love for our Australian native wildlife!

    After considering what has been happening on Fraser, be it in the recent
    past or present, with regards to the dingo, you can’t dismiss the likeliness
    that there is some yet to be understood conspiracy at work! WHY are the powers to be so clearly determent to rid the Island of our native wolf?
    Certainly, the supposedly “dangerous” behaviour of the dingo is just a cruel and silly smoke-screen, believed only by those who live under a rock! I repeat, dingo behaviour has nothing to do with what takes place on Fraser!
    Queensland now have a different Government and yet the same basic policy and yet more ridiculous excuses!
    My best guess is that some well-heeled developer(s) is/are “greasing” the palms
    of politicians and public servants handsomely!
    That is WHO makes the bullets
    “low-light” Belcher is firing!
    That is WHO keeps a sordid individual
    like Belcher in the job.
    I stress yet again, you wonder what role the RSPCA plays in this genocide! I particularly refer to the Necropsy report, published in March 2010, attesting to unspeakable cruelty inflicted on a dingo under DERM management!

    Yes! The dingo is in the way of “progress” big time, any other hypothesis just does not make sense, after all this is supposed to be a world heritage site for heaven’s sake!
    Only thing that would bring the real “goings-on” to light would be a public or royal
    inquiry, fat chance for that to happen! I might add, should anyone try to get such a inquiry going you do well to remember what happened to Ms Jennifer Parkhurst!

    Only chance for the unique Fraser Island dingoes’ survival would be to legally transfer as many breeding pairs as possible off the Island into responsible care as far away from Queensland as possible!
    Short of this dramatic action, the Fraser dingo
    is rapidly heading the way of the thylacine!

    GONE, together with another thirty (30) species since the arrival of white
    man and our corrupt way of life!


  4. Hi Jennifer, I don’t have your email address anymore and I really wanted to congratulate you on your recent award. It makes a mockery out of what DERM, Labor and the courts did to you.

    I emailed Ted Sorenson again about all of that and asked that my email be sent to the new attorney general. What happened to you still bothers me greatly and I see it as something that really needs to be corrected.

    Enjoy your award it could not have gone to a more deserving person.

    Hope all is well.

    Kindest Regards
    Gary Crockett

  5. bob williams says:

    jennifer,hope you received my email regarding using the cd, ” the dingoes are howlin”
    at any of the events you hold, for the fraser is dingoes, feel free to do what ever you want to do with it .if it will help to raise some money for you and the cause.
    sorry for not getting back to you the last time ,had break down .
    so all the best jennifer.
    regards BOB williams.

  6. bob williams says:

    jennifer .
    just wondering if you received the cd ” the dingos are howlin” sent to the address at
    tin can bay you gave me? and what you think of the song.
    regards, bob williams.

  7. chris rourke says:

    Hi Jennifer, I knew you’d bounce back.
    Great to see your Vanishing Icon book.
    Banjo is having the time of his life (5 years old now, and in his prime)
    Will the new Premier see the light?
    All the best

  8. alfred mueller says:

    Hi Jennifer
    What a monumental revelation! So the evidence is undeniable a dingo killed the Chamberlain’s little daughter! My, my, my, who would have thought it possible? (Sarcasm)
    The laws of our land are clearly designed by idiots on the assumption that all of us are idiots too! Anyone thinking that the farcical case against you dear lady was an exception, better think again!
    There was never any doubt in my mind about the outcome of the Chamberlain case. I don’t know why we had this enquiry; the result was decided even before the embarrassing event began! No doubt the naughty PREDATOR in question, who was never really seen or indeed detained, will have the right to appeal! No?! Really???
    I hope that now the family can sleep easier at night, after all the parents are totally innocent! How shallow and naïve is that!
    Leaving a baby in a tent unsupervised by parents in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by all sorts of possible hazards does not constitute a case of failed duty of care?
    Can we now assume that when a child drowns in a backyard pool it is the pool that is convicted and not the child’s guardian? When a child suffocates in a locked car in 40 degree heat whilst the carer is busy elsewhere, is the car going to be charged and convicted?
    Assuming the report in the Age newspaper is correct, Mrs Chamberlain stated in an interview that now all of Australia should accept that the dingo attacks and kills unprovoked or words to that effect. Is it possible that this individual is seeking employment as a ranger with Derm?!
    Once again the establishment has embarked on “shafting” our apex predator, our Aussie wolf!
    Have they succeeded? Never!
    Kind Regards

  9. M&C says:

    I love this comment by Judi Dench on the David Shepherd web site

    “On behalf of all our children, thank you for sharing my concern. Wildlife does matter, and together we can make the difference for them between life and death. ” quote by Dame Judi Dench.

    You know you are among those well respected and revered conservationist for caring about an animal that is persecuted. I know they will thank you.

  10. Anon says:

    Why don’t the Parks & Wildlife rangers organise to round up some rabbits and kangaroos that are eating their way through grazing land in Queensland and relocate them to Fraser Island as a sustainable food source for the dingoes? Their answer to all problems seems to be cull, cull, cull. And in this day and age of electronic monitoring, surely they could do better than the ear tags they’re presently using on the dingoes? If there was a sustainable food source for the dingoes, they wouldn’t then see people as a possible food source in their starving stage. This whole situation is a total disgrace to Australia.

  11. Dingosimon says:

    I love the way you have shown what is involved when you do your paintings. Most people would not know how to go about it.
    It must be so satisfying to see the results from a blank canvas to an almost life like dingo.
    Has anyone told you how gifted and talented you are ?
    Well maybe more should.
    Maybe more people will make a unique investment and buy one of your paintings.
    I am looking forward to seeing your new dot paintings.

  12. Lin says:


    You can’t hang a sign on poisoned bait “XBred Ferals Only – Others Keep Off!” Poison is indiscriminate, cruel and pernicious. Put it into the food chain and watch it run. This we are learning to our cost in many areas, just ask the Gladstone fishing fleet.
    Using poison in places like Inskip Point is to go right against the principles of care and conservation on which our precious National Parks and Reserves were founded. Downright shameful.
    The very thought is toxic.

  13. Lin says:


    Every year 14,000 people out of 100,000 attacked will need hospital treatment and 1,400 will be hospitalised as a result of dog attacks. Domestic dogs that is. Shocking? Sure is.

    By contrast the Chamberlains’ counsel tells us that people would be shocked if they knew the figures for attacks by dingoes, emphasizing Fraser Island. Let’s see.

    During the eleven years he quoted since 2001, 98 allegedly “dangerous” dingo attacks are cited. This equates to fewer than 10 per year. Some 500,000 people visited the Island last year so only 0.002% have a negative experience. Of this tiny proportion only a very few required medical treatment. Scale up the figures to 11 years for domestic dogs and you begin to see things in perspective.

    Regarding fatalities = Dingoes 1 ever proven, Domestic dogs from 1979 to September 2010, 34 proven. Enough said?

    No one could dispute that the disappearance of baby Azaria was traumatic and tragic. But how can we ever be 100% certain of her fate?

    One thing we can be certain of is that no Fraser Island dingo had any part in it.


  14. This wonderful website of Jennifer’s is a credit to her selfless work and passion for the dingoes of Fraser Island, proving her, intelligence, years of studying the dingoes and her knowledge with her ethical morality. Compared with DERM’s attitude on the
    Fraser Island – is it a WORLD HERITAGE SITE or a ” GOLD COAST” ADVENTURE PARK ? Is this what DERM are creating?
    The Courier Mail has printed an article “Parks to lure investors” 30th.Nov.2011. Stating that an ECO Resort prospectuses had been prepared for Eurong on Fraser Island owned by Tourism Leisure Corporation Inc. Incongruously (TLC) is now aproved!.
    The incredibly, hypercritical, statement that vicky Darling makes “Protecting the natural values and the beauty of our national parks was the No.1 priority”, ignoring fact that this is a Government World Heritage listed Island and the rare dingoes are protected as the only pure strain breed left.
    On their website (Dept of Sustainability,Environment, Water, Population and Communities) proudly states that “Since 1974 , they have taken a leadership role in promoting the World Heritage Convention objectives and set high standards in meeting their Commitments” is without substance or truth their management of F.I. As we now know is a failure. Their website give out “pretty rosy” statements, that looks good on paper but is without reality. World Heritage Sites are defined as being of “such outstanding Universal value that their conservation is important for current and Future generations” is in complete conflict with the push to promote more tourists than the 50,000 that go there each year and is pushing the dingoes and the Island to a critical level.
    Minister Vicky Darling has received thousands of letters protesting and was given a 7,162 Signature petition requesting for better management, which was received with a …. Seven Thousand, One Hundred and Sixty Two Times…NO!” .
    For Minister V.Darling to speak of “protecting natural values as being a No 1 concern” rings extremely hollow.
    Last year Fraser Island had some 400,000 visitors enjoying Barbie’s, picnics, snacks and hotel meals.
    Meanwhile the iconic dingoes, cut off from their food sources, hunting grounds fenced off, beaches off limits, prevented from scavenging, starve and spiral towards extinction. DERM insist that they are helping the dingoes to lead a “natural life”, FOI autopsy reports tell a different tale.
    On their website it all looks glowing, with their statements:- “Fraser Island dingoes are part of the island ecology, and are protected by law” Yes indeed protected by law….. it is the law?
    It must be Environment in all its’ aspects first, People very firmly second.
    Otherwise we just end up with Sterile Adventure Parks, and we’ve surely got enough of those.
    The dingoes do what they must in their own environment to survive and continue their species. When Nature takes a swipe at us is entirely without malice aforethought.
    Revenge and reprisals are futile; we might as well blame the ocean for drowning’s. ..Accept responsibility. Respect Nature. Learn her lessons ..
    This is the dingoes ancient home, they can’t move on they live on Island?
    Their survival is of national importance. Problems with dingoes on Fraser Island are man made.Jennifer has been fighting for justice for the dingoes, and she needs justice for herself, their stories are twin stories, both are about a great injustice committed here in Australia.
    The DERM website says so.

    Marie-Louise Tewantin.

  15. A whistleblower who paid an enormous price.

    Re: your article on the 27thJan.2012. By Des Houghton, regarding the “Culture of Fear of holding back Whistleblower’s”

    Is so true. A gentle, quiet spoken, articulate woman paid an enormous price for whistleblowing on the demise and cruel conditions of the Fraser Island dingoes. Most of us have heard of Jennifer Parkhurst, many of us are not aware at the terrible cost to her life as a result of following her conscience and her humanity, seeing F.I. Dingoes and puppies slowly and painfully die from starvation. Where is the justice, with this obscenity? Jennifer Parkhurst has had her life stolen; her life’s memories and over 6 years of her work, cleaved from her unjustly because QPWS, & DERM, were so afraid of the truth about the state of the Fraser Island Dingo’s management being exposed and she was becoming a problem to them as she publicly exposed the number of puppies dying, 90% mortality rate and the starvation which she knew was putting the continuation of the survival of the F.I. Dingoes at dire risk of extinction.. She was fined an exorbitant $40,000, and a nine month prison sentence suspended for three years. Other people, who had fed dingoes, were only fined between a $100 to $2,500 with no convictions or prison sentences. These people more than likely fed the dingoes because they were also disturbed at their condition and what ethical human being can ignore a starving animal, apparently the rangers can? Jennifer Parkhurst whistleblew on DERM and the QPWS rangers because of her conscience, believing as a passionate environmentalist and conservationist, something had to be done to save these Australian animals with cruel experimental practices committed on them under the guise of a management plan.

    Over 13 months Jennifer was subjected to persecution unheard of in Australia. Hers is the worst case of a whistleblower being targeted and her life made a living hell. Their bullying tactics, trying to keep her quiet, as she has exposed a scare campaign on the dingoes, these dingoes that have been as persecuted as Jennifer has. It is only her passion and love for these diminishing dingoes that has kept her going and brought her an enormous following, admiration and support from Wildlife organisations to scientific experts and professionals who abhor the wanton destruction of a world heritage iconic species as these rare dingoes are, and who, are an Australian heritage that is been stolen from us.

    There are many questions on the legality of Jennifer’s conviction that still needs asking?

    Jennifer is the Australian Dian Fossey, Jane Goodall and Diana and David Sheldrick, her 7 years spent on the Island studying and observing the dingoes and her knowledge and expertise is unsurpassed. Marie-Louise Tewantin.

  16. Dingosimon says:

    In 6 mins time it will be 2012. The New Year for all of us. It will be the beginning of the Turning Point for our dingoes. See you then Miss DJ.

  17. Donna says:

    There will never be a wildlife care centre on Fraser- it would interfere with the extermination of the native dingoes. In 1-2 yrs time they will all be gone. And another unique australian animal will be added to the list of extinctions caused by the australian government and the ignorant public.I know that sounds defeatist but the fact is that there is not enough genetic diversity left on the Island- The dingoes of Fraser are already technically extinct. The last remnants just haven’t been destroyed yet. It is breaking my heart to write this, but too many people think it will be OK, it won’t. In January I am going to Fraser to say goodbye, and ask for forgiveness – we tried -but we couldn’t save you- the government had already decided your fate, you interfered with their tourist plans.I will remember with joy my trips in the past, when I saw you living free and happy, hearing your song of welcome. But I will not be back, this will be my last visit to Fraser.Without dingoes Fraser is just a island full of tourists-it’s heart be be dead.

  18. Jorge says:

    The insufferable arrogance of human beings to think that Nature was made solely for their benefit, as if it was conceivable that the sun had been set afire merely to ripen men’s apples and head their cabbages. ~Savinien de Cyrano de Bergerac, États et empires de la lune, 1656

  19. Cassie says:

    Ted Sorensen MP has been amongst the few to officially stand up for you, not to mention saying what he thinks to the media without backing away……despie all theri b&^*%$

    He genuinely seems to also care about the environment and or course Fraser Island and the dingoes……. could you pass on my respect and best wishes to Ted?

  20. Ella says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    I saw your “Australian Story” earlier this year and couldn’t believe my eyes. I think the work you’re doing is amazing and so important, but why can’t I find Fraser Island Footprints, Save Fraser Island Dingoes Inc or SFID Inc on Facebook? I had no idea even that the purebred dingo was endangered until I saw that programme – more people need to get on board with this, why not utilise facebook as a medium? It reaches so many people in Australia and worldwide, y’know?

    Anyway that’s my two cents’ worth. Your paintings, photos, and videos are breathtaking. Thanks for working so hard to save such a beautiful animal.

    Much love,

  21. Kim Reid says:

    I took my staff for a well deserved annual retreat to Fraser Island from the 9th to 11th of December 2011. My organisation works with children, young people and families at risk and works 24/7 with this retreat being my huge thank you for their dedication to community. The whole experience was so beautiful until we saw a young female dingo (tagged yellow in the ear) that was emaciated and roaming among the tour and private four wheel drive vehicles at Eli Creek desperate for food. She was quite young and obviously living off of her own muscle tissue as no fat was left to draw from. She ate orange peel which was scary and a desperate measure for survival but we were told by the tour guide that it is natural for dingoes, they are naturally thin. As a person that has worked with animals for over 30 years of my life, I am not so naive as to believe that hip bones strongly protruding and ribs showing are natural for any animal unless malnourished. The fact that this young female dingo was so desperate for food to wonder amongst humans to scavenge was horrifying to me and my staff of 20. We have decided through this experience to share our sadness with others and to ask why a controlled feeding program is not available, especially inlight of the controlled fires that got out of hand seeing natural food sources depleted. Our tour guide advised that dingoes love to eat coconut and said that they drive over them to crush them for the dingoes to eat, I am not an expert and would never question logic, but coconuts? Please correct me if I am wrong as I am new to this but not new to animal care and conservation. I understand the debate of nature and natural evolution but I believe that there has been previous human interference that cannot see the whole nature situation work here. We have already interfered from the feeding to see no waste costs for resorts to the culling from the results to the loss of natural food sources through controlled burns gone wrong to the need to see tourism flourish and protecting humans that do not respect the environment or monitor their children of which is all at the dingoes expense. We are human, we stuff up, lets try to make that right and hold on to the wonders that we have, and the Fraser Island Dingo is one of them. I work with young people at risk and 90% of those that I am so privileged to work with are over 500 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people and families per year that are keen to start a petition and ask the questions of how we are going to look after our Fraser Island Dingoes? We are also keen to seek the support and guidance of Butchulla Elders to guide the young ones that are concerned about the dingoes and know that the Elders are the voice of knowledge, reason and guidance.

  22. alfred mueller says:

    Hi Jennifer

    Another festive season is fast approaching, bringing with it a brand New Year. I hope that you, your family and all your staunch supporters have an outstanding Christmas and a brilliant New Year! We sincerely believe that 2012 will only bring the very best, excellent health and peace for you! In spite of my rage I also hope that the many detractors of our all important apex predator the dingo will have a year of good health and happiness. I pray that they will finally come to realise and accept the crucial importance of our “Aussie wolf” in our unique ecology! My special New Year’s wish (dream)
    is that Fraser Island will be handed back to our indigenous people without reservation pronto!
    It is already over a year ago since one of the more hideous injustices in modern times in this country has been perpetrated against you and the dingo, dear Jennifer. The consequent “Public Lynching” portrays a level of nepotism to date unheard of in Australia, even in Queensland! Again, we are so sorry for your struggle and we salute you for your courage and your endless love for the dingo!
    Our dingo-pack had a busy year of introducing themselves to the population at large. We visited many venues, answered thousends of questions and collected many signatures for a number of petitions. At times it has been mind numbing and stressful but our boys and girls always presented themselves with great dignity and profound respectability. I just wish we would stop over analysing the species though! It may be well meant but many of the “new revelations” about the dingo produced are truly nothing short of anecdotal crap and do absolutely nothing to help the species to survive in the wild! I believe honestly that we need to start to get more focussed on what is really important. We seem to accept that a wolf is a wolf. Why can’t we accept that a dingo is a dingo? It is impossible to mistake a pure dingo with any dog species alive! It is the same difference between a wolf and a modern dog. As for their origin, why not refer to the indiginous teaching and accept what you hear! This is of course purely my personal view and not intended to hurt anyone’s feeling.


  23. Max Pitts says:

    > Your respect of a Dingo community’s lifestyle and needs will in turn
    > protect yours!
    > Thank you for the opportunity to participate
    > Maxine Pitts
    > Yungaburra
    > Far North Queensland

  24. alfred mueller says:

    Hi Jennifer

    We hope that you are well and monumentally happy!

    I have just received your media release on the Fraser Island fires. Thought I toss in my two bob’s worth! It is simply devastating on whatever scale you want to measure it by! We educate parents to keep matches and lighters away from toddlers and yet we seem to hand these sorts of implements to incompetent, supposedly “grown up” individuals! There is no such thing as “fire getting out of control” in any event! NO! These disasters are always the result of total mismanagement and appalingly poor judgement by the relevant Government department. These incidents are not confined to Fraser Island either. Right around Australia thousands of hectares are destroyed along with any living creature caught up in them annually. On many occassions it is unbelievable that the so called authorities even consider; let alone go ahead to start a back-burn given the highly unfavourable atmospheric conditions existing at the time! The only conclusion I am able to draw from these various incidences is that the standard of education and procedures in these departments is at best intolerably poor! As it is, again we have to pick ourselves up from the ashes and try to make the best of a decidedly “crappy” situation, made worse by the knowledge that it will invariably happen again in due course!

    On a happier note we attended a dog show in Sunbury last weekend on behalf of the ADF to make the “doggy” people aware of our Aussie wolves’ plight and to collect signatures for our petition for the Federal Government to protect our dingo on the National EPBC Act.
    Apparently this is the biggest “one day” dogshow in Victoria, go figure!
    Our dingoes created a lot of interest and visitors were amazed how calm and dignified maliki dealt with all the fuss and “yapping” going on all around them. As always the dingo is a credit to himself! As well as providing dingo-awareness we collected in excess of 500 hundred signatures. It was a tiring day for our dingo-pack but well worth doing.
    They absolutely enjoyed the extra large dried pigs ear in the evening!

    Power to the DINGO!

    Kind Regards

    A. Mueller

  25. SS says:

    Your vindication will be sharing with the world of your intimate knowledge of FI Dingoes and thereby refuting all the propaganda that DERM has spitefully sprouted.
    Once important people with influence out there are affected positively by your presentations, they will be able to take this knowledge to the next levels.
    And also just as importantly to get the right people in the media on side , to print and show the truth.

    Once the Govt has been exposed for their corruption in dingo management they will probably realise that they messed with the wrong girl.

    Sadly all this has come at great cost to your health, mentally, physically and emotionally. It just isn’t fair.

    But on the bright side, you have met many special people, galvanised the humanity of others to fight for the dingoes.
    Mind you, all on your own.
    You didn’t need a PhD to do all this, you have your wonderful heart and compassion for all that breathes.
    So , anyone who is fortunate to get close to your private inner circle, should feel very privileged.

    That includes me

  26. Barbara says:

    I have just finished the book “Living with the Dingo” by Adam O`Neill – it contains some good information – he is against aerial baiting and also supports dingoes role as the top predator and necessary for the preservation of the native animals – what interested me is that he says on p 50 that “The advantage of tracking, as opposed to radio collar monitoring, is that you get to see what the fox has been up to” – it applies to observation of dingoes or any other animal – and you have been doing this on FI for years – your information about dingoes is therefore very important – yet DERM persecuted you for doing just that – to me your work with dingoes is like Jane Goodall’s chimpanzees

  27. Sally says:

    It was both an honour and a personal pleasure to meet Jen in person and be present for one of her presentations. She is certainly an exceptional woman. And such a talented wildlife photographer!

    I belong to a number of wildlife groups (Ones willing to support the dingo) and none is more active and efficient than SFID. I am ever impressed with the persistence and clear-speaking that the group represents. I find it heartwrenching that mercy and compassion are so difficult to apply to the suffering on Fraser Island. It is shameful.

  28. Jennifer says:

    “He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog.
    You are his life, his love, his leader.
    He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart.
    You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.” Unknown

  29. max M says:

    Yet again an example of DERM and their park rangers’ complete lack of empathy for the wildlife on Fraser Island.
    After a dead turtle was washed onto the shore, eyewitnesses were shocked to see park rangers arrive with a bobcat and bury it deep beneath the sand, away from scavenging animals which rely on this food source to survive.
    This turtle would have fed many, from the smallest of crabs to the largest of dingoes.
    This account follows directly on the heels of a listener to the ABC morning radio show with Annie Gaffney, calling to express their concerns when a dead baby whale they witnessed on the beach, mysteriously disappeared.
    That’s two vital life sources for the island creatures being removed.
    This is tampering with the balance of the natural ecosystem of the island in the highest form, one creature’s death, although tragic, can benefit a wide range of insects, animals and birds.
    With an island this size, food sources are already scarce, and this blatant act of cruelty and neglect can have devastating repercussions through the entire island’s fauna.

    Maxine McGregor

  30. max J says:

    Visitors to Fraser Island were saddened to see a dead turtle washed up on the beach; however they were gladdened at the idea that this poor creature would feed the native wildlife.
    Imagine their disgust and horror when park rangers arrived to measure the turtle, and then bring in a bobcat to bury it deep in the sand.
    This turtle could have fed many others; dingoes, goannas and carrion birds to name a few.
    This is the natural circle of life!
    My question to anyone who can answer is this; why does anybody have the right to take a God given gift to the wildlife and bury it so deep that no creature can benefit from this sumptuous meal?

    Maxine Jacobsen

  31. George Szyszkowski says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    First I want to apologise for my email being a bit chaotic, but there are so many things on my mind now after talking to you and watching your presentation in Sydney last Saturday.
    It was a very emotional to me when I talk to you and listen to you; it brought all my memories about dingo once I had long time ago. Still remember sweetness, dedication and a lot of love I received from my little dingo I really loved that dog like a human.
    I couldn’t imagine people could be so cruel to animals and specially officers from national parks (always had impression that their role is to protect native animals).
    I am back at work and still have images of those beautiful animals suffering and thinking how to end it and create a good sustainable environment for them to live in harmony with humans.
    One of my thoughts was to start a big campaign with the major point that those dingos on Fraser Island are very important Australian Icon, there is no other place anywhere in the world to hold such a pure bread of dingo and it is the duty of our generation to preserve it.
    Another thought is to get somebody famous involved in the campaign, like for example famous french actor Brigitte Bardot did to preserve wolves in Europe.
    Another way would be to put some ads on internet about cruelty of people to our native animals showing tagging, describe the cruel procedures etc, and get international support to pressure Australian Government.
    I had friends from uni times who live in USA, France, Sweden and Germany and will try to get them involved.
    Actually the friend from US also had a dingo in Poland it was his girlfriend’s mother who worked in the zoo and gave them to us.
    I really want to help you to change the lives of dingos and understand you passion, I want to do whatever is needed to help. Please let me know how I can help, I want to be involved.
    There was not enough time to talk more with you when we have met; there are so many things I would like to ask you. I have called Joan trying to find out if I can meet you, but she told me that you are based in Queensland and went back home.
    Are you coming to Sydney often? I really would like talk to you face in face without rush. Also I would like to visit Frazer Island and see dingos, can you give me some guidance.

  32. Bemused says:

    The state government agencies running the island are responsible for this debacle, by allowing, dubiously “necessary” burning off, particularly at peak tourist times. If you want to complain get onto our local state members who can take it to the relevant government departments and ask for answers. After all Fraser Island falls into the electorates of both Ted Sorensen and Chris Foley. The damage to the tourist industry as well as the efects on the fragile environment and wildlife of this “World Heritage Area”, added to the pollution spewing across the region is nothing short of a national disgrace. Many other countries, even some we consider “third world” have better management practices and control of their unique natural areas than Queensland does.

  33. Coolum says:

    After spending hundreds of dollars for a family of five to go whale-watching in the first week of the school holidays not only was the whole trip plagued with thick fog but also dense black smoke from the burn-offs on Frazer Island.
    It was impossible to see any part of Frazer Island in the distance (during both departure and upon returning) and many of the tourists on board were left questioning just why any council would allow such an action to threaten their tourism industry during such a prime-time holiday period.
    It left the captain of the vessel open to explanation which was, “what other council in their right mind would burn-off during whale migration period and peak holiday season?”
    Madness really!!! Council, you are threatening the very reason tourists are coming to Hervey Bay – as well as their lives!!!

  34. smyleeblue says:

    Here is proof that DERM does not necessarily act appropriately for the benefit of for the island environment. Given this, then are they acting appropriately in the management of the dingoes??? Every year around school holiday time, the fires are lit. Why not light the fires during winter before the winds pick up and tourist numbers pick up?

  35. dingo simon says:

    Isn’t it so sad and reckless that once again we have the managers of DERM showing no respect to the Island or it’s visitors? For approximately 5 years in a row uncontrolled fires have been lit on the Island, It destroys so much, not only making the fragile Island look like a wasted moonscape but affects so many Tourists costing the Island $100’000′s in revenue. The Idiots who are managing the Island should be named and sacked for their destructive actions.
    But lighting fires in school holidays and during a period where it is always windy at this time of year is absolutely insane.
    Why isn’t the media asking Terry Harper, Andrea Leverington or Ross Belcher for answers ?

  36. larrya says:

    With idiots like this looking after Fraser Island, it’s lucky Hervey Bay sees any tourists at all. Who in their right mind would do an (un)controlled burn off during school holidays, let alone burning anything with the winds that were forecast and happened. Don’t these people look at the forecast for a day or two ahead before they light the place up. Not only was Fraser Island inundated with fire and smoke, but Hervey Bay itself was smoked out as well.
    Mayor Mick, I hope you are doing something about this. Some strong words need to be spoken regarding this debacle. The tax payers of Hervey Bay spend millions of tax dollars to get tourists to the area and 2 or 3 idiots can undo all the work and money spent, in one afternoon. Unbelievable!
    most of the tourists interviewed won’t be back, and they will tell many others to avoid the area as well, it is really quite pathetic that this could happen.

  37. Hi Libby,
    Well said. there are plenty of people that agree with you. It’s a shame that UNESCO doesnt take more notice of what happens in these World Heritage Sites and to their so-called ‘natural resources’.

  38. Libby says:

    I see the intellectually challenged parks & wildlife rangers have decided that if they can’t shoot or starve enough dingoes they’ll just set the place on fire-that might finish the job. Should be fined & sacked but lets see what happens…probably nothing-it hasn’t in the past hast it?

  39. Maxine says:

    Dear Prime Minister,
    I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a happy birthday, we share the same birth year and I hope the same sentiments.
    I heard you saying you are getting a puppy for your birthday, congratulations, I like you, have no human children, but I have my two lovely canine kids and my horse.
    I would like you to take a moment to consider the dingo puppies on Fraser Island and their parents.
    Due to mismanagement by DERM these beautiful creatures are starving and suffering, not the way a nation, committed to the care of their pets, should be treating a national icon.
    Take note of this quote by Gandhi, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”
    Definite food for thought wouldn’t you say?
    Please PM Gillard, rise above the usual puppet politicians, and make a stand now, before these precious animals become extinct, you owe it for future generations.
    Yours Sincerely,
    Maxine McGregor

  40. Gregory says:

    and another thing. a message to the government. you guys don’t really care cause most of you have been there long enough to pick up the perks when your turfed out

    grab a few more overseas trips and woop it up bit cause time now is a ticking

  41. Gregory says:

    I just watched dogs of war again yesterday and when i watched the dingo bite at that little girl i realised that it was just showing her affection and being loving. my dingoes do it all the time. you could see by the look on the dingos face that he didnt like being chastised and didnt understand why he was being told off for being loving.

  42. Ray says:

    Dear Jen,

    The inspiration starts with you Jen, … on many levels, … what a rich life, … even though pain usually goes with it, …. Big picture I feel is that the beautiful dingoes are on the path towards being more protected though there is still the hard core iniquity to contend with … as in DERM and the Fraser Island Association, … I couldn’t think of a more effective and calm representative of the God force than Mal, … reminds me of Martin Luther King’s wisdom … Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. Hate multiplies hate, violence multiplies violence and toughness multiples toughness in a descending spiral of destruction.”
    – Martin Luther King, Jr“

    Always I have felt that evil does not win in the final outcome

    Inspiration given to us all in many ways is your role, … Malcolm in his Gandhi ways, … Karen in her tenacity for what is right, … Simon in his nonstop loyalty and consistent persistence, … and all the many other devoted beings in SFID is a huge and beautiful example of the power of the God force … bound to prevail triumphant eventually, … what a wonderful journey to experience in one’s lifetime, … it is an inspiration even for me simply of being there wholeheartedly in spirit.

    Thank you!! Jen

    Much Love

    God Bless
    from Ray

  43. Pat says:

    Thank you so much for your care and concern. How can any thinking person not understand that when someone or something is starving that they will resort to almost any measure to get something to eat. Reduce the pollies to a state of starvation and see what lengths they would go to. As the adds for a favourite chocolate bar show “you are not yourself when you are hungry” For goodness sake don’t the so called leaders have any brains at all!?? Thank you for your continued efforts and I look forward to helping where I can.

  44. Joanne Mckay says:

    Hi WWF……well its been tuff watching the negative activity occurring daily on our beautiful K’Gari… also distresses me, What you read, see in the media is NOT TRUTH.

    Jen I have directed my guests to your site to experience and access the K’Gari Wongari CD…which I play on every trip.

    Have seen more ecidnas in the last month than in the whole history I have had with K’Gari

    young dingoes….clueless teenagers, without teachers…..why would young animals achieve alpha and at only 10-22mths old…because there is no competition!!!! the animal has been domesticated via the management DERM, culling the dominant animals, leaving only the subordinate animals to rise to the occasion of alpha.

    …we have to I believe introduce some more stock…dominant mature animals….and random drop food…only at puppy time and high season tourism

    Missing you

    Love always your fellow WWF

  45. alfred mueller says:

    Hi there Jennifer
    Have not heard much news from Fraser Island lately. I am not sure whether that is good or bad?
    Down here in Vic the Dingo discovery centre(Toolern Vale) organised an event in Melbourne with the aim to have the dingo listed in the EPCB act as a native fauna species in it’s own right, to hopefully be recognised as “treatened” Australia wide.
    So last Sunday we assembled at Melbourne’s Federation square to introduce the mighty dingo to the city folk! The dozen adult dingoes as well as a few of this years puppies provided quite a spectacle in the centre of the city! Naturally our dingoes behaved impeccably and people where absolutely amazed to see these wonderful and stately animals. Puppies where in high demand, everybody wanted to hold one and hundreds of pictures where “flashed”. We literally seemed to talk to thousends of people and where able to collect hundreds of signatures for our cause. Hopefully, this sort of event can be repeated and perhaps more participants from other dingo organizations might take part to make the occasion even more spectacular!
    Meanwhile, I hope everything is well with you and your hardworking supporters!
    As always, you have our dingoes and our support, we are in this together!

    Kind Regards
    Midori & Alfred Mueller

  46. Sophie says:

    Hi Jennifer

    I have been following your work for a while now and really admire you. I have an undergraduate degree in animal management and am now studying postgraduate in Conservation Biology. I was wondering if you know of, or have any links to, dingo conservation volunteer programs? I would really like to help out and learn more about these amazing animals and help to spread the word about how important they are to this country.
    Kind regards

  47. Karin says:

    This time last year was nerve wracking only months away from the trial, Charity Dinner, Dingo Day/Candle Night, you, we, gave them a fight they never thought they would get, they would have loved for you to have gone away, hat off to you Jen for not doing so.

  48. M Bozwell says:

    What amazing paintings you do Jennifer!!! They are truly beautiful. You have a way of making the paintings come to life. I know you must use “photos” of the subject you are going to paint – but your paintings are just so alive with personality. I saw the painting (on SFID website) of the german shepherd dog you painted – it was brilliant..
    I hope you sell many, many paintings as you are a very talented, sensitive, caring person Jennifer. I know I have not met you but I can tell the sort
    of person you are thru your work and compassion about animals!!!!
    I wish you much success in the future..
    Kind regards,

  49. Cheryl says:

    I would like to suggest to anyone who may like a pet portrait to click on the link and look at the beautiful paintings..there is one of my German Shepherd and it is an extraordinary likeness, a fantastic painting that I will treasure..

  50. gigi ragus says:

    Dear Jen,sure you remember me-as well as a distinct christan name-Gigi-I was overly surely with my questions to you(durr!!!forgot it was a writersthingie after-all), got it now-don.t worry!Trying to contact as many friends as I can to raise consciousness-most do know my Love story that happened with my gypsy=girl dingo so at least I don’t have to persuade them first on the merits of a dingo ay-?!Jen I’m wondering if you’d consider the merits of a friend I;ve recently met, that seems more efficient than any lawyer!!great person-does something like uses a JP court credentials that allow him to represent people in court??
    Now he’s not particularly an apostle of the merits of a dingo;like most he’s never been educated that’s all. I’ve given him a quickie intro on the workshop with some liberal embellishments on my part. BUT always the facts as I heard them!#Inhumane method of killing dingo’s.
    House invasion of you?!Classification of “Feral”!?-for the dingos’??Dog tagging inhumane also.
    1. I would like to know what the rangers expect the dingos’to live on? If they say Lizards, snakes, echidas etc. areTHEY NOT ALSO IN BREACH OF THE NATIONAL TRUST LEGISLATION , that should do its upmost to protect the natural marsupials and retiles of a National Trust property!!?? Yet they are encouraging feral or otherwise- by removing a source of food to these creatures, there-by committing I would think, a breach in National Trust legislation??
    What do you think Jennifer?
    Answer: surely, to relocate the rest of this dingo population would be better than to watch the not-so-slow extermination of the rest of the dingo population Jen?? And yes, they are a pure breed, all the dingo’s in the NT have the same characteristics apart from the gorgeous dropped paw!!??Never seen that-central desert either? Now this is my own opinion can;t swear, but Jen the Tassie Thylacine I’m sure had a dropped paw foot like these? Please check this bit out also. It’s just that I do come from Tassie and did go a fair few times to the Tassie museum= I need to go over to the NT for 8days, but I do so want you to contact me regarding this man- who is willing to delve into the laws to see if we can stopyou having to pay this fine? but I need your permission obviously to put this into action Jennifer?

  51. Dingosimon says:

    To Jo, 20 July, 2011.
    Thankyou for sharing such magical moments. Isn’t it a privilege to have this experience? Next time I hope you keep a camera handy so you can ” capture the moment”. It would have been great to see your photo’s. Keep telling everyone your positive experiences. Hooroo Dingosimon.

  52. Jo says:

    Hi Jen.

    Thank you so much for the work you do to inform and teach people about the dingoes. I recently returned from a 2 week hike around Fraser Island, and certainly have come to understand the issues there- ranger attitudes, crowds, propaganda, littering, the poor dingoes don’t know WHAT to do, especially the pups. I posted on Mark Moxon’s site detailling my experiences, which I’ve copied below here, but a short version is I understand the rangers’ reasoning for their actions though I believe it to be completely disproportionate to the reality. Dingoes are wild animals and deserve the respect one would show to any wild creature. Having said that, as far as a wild creature goes, they are distinctly loveable, but more to the point- no creature should have to justify its existance or natural instinctual behaviour to man, least of all to/for tourists. I found it appalling to think that they are being killed, and am against their hazing as well. Education is the key- and thank you for doing that important work.

    Best regards,


    Hi Mark, Jen, Dingosimon and readers.

    My experience with the dingoes has left me with a curious affection for them. I think the publicity of them is quite disproportionate, though I do see the reasoning behind their treatment by rangers. Unlike your experience, Mark, I did come across several dingoes personally during my 2 weeks. I think all in all they simply are curious and come over either for a look or some food if they can get it. I’ll elaborate so that other concerned travellers can get a sense of it, and hopefully feel a bit more confident.

    The first dingo was just out of Happy Valley, and it trotted over to me as I was walking along beach. I was scared and didn’t know what to do, so just stopped still and tried to act boring. When the dingo began to yap at me and bounce around me, a 4WDer drove up and offered me a lift. The dingo seemed to me to want to play, but feeling insecure about it I accepted the lift, but retrospectively stopping for the dingo in the first place was a mistake; I should have kept calm and continued walking.

    The next one was further north near Cathedral- it was just after dark and my camping neighbours were cooking some kind of meat. Then I saw a dingo running across the beach towards the wafting scent, and I could only laugh as I understood exactly- my mouth was watering at the smell of their BBQ too. After seeing a dingo run up the beach for BBQs I realised they’re literally just wild dogs.

    There were a few nights that I could hear dingoes walking around my tent and snuffling at the edges. It was when one started pawing to get in that I told it in a firm voice to go away (much more confident by this stage), and it did.

    One occasion I was walking along the sand dunes and came face to face with a dingo sitting in the shade. I felt a real thrill- and it was a GORGEOUS, dignified dingo- but I kept walking nonchalantly. It followed me for about a kilometer, keeping a respectful distance, and I so wished I had taken a photo of it! But memories a wonderful things too.

    So, my most memorable encounter was one night just north of Eurong. I awoke in the middle of the night to hear a dingo outside my tent with an obvious intent to get inside. My food was hanging in the tree outside, but a local had told me they also go for leather too, so perhaps my boots? Anyway, I told it no and moved my boots further inside the tent. It stopped, and then I heard this beautiful howl- it was so beautiful, like it was a song- and such an expressive one! Not just one long howl, but some short, some long, different pitches, different sounds. I will never, never forget it, and feel so very honored to have heard it.

    To anyone going to Fraser Island who is concerned- don’t be. Respect, confidence and firm boundaries goes a long, long way. And I wish you wonderful memories and experiences of Fraser and her dingoes.

  53. Lauri says:

    Thank you for responding, this is so cool what you’re doing & I’m so glad to know it’s being done. I’ll have to translate the info to spanish for the kids but I know they’ll be really excited about hearing from you. One of the things I’m trying to teach them also is how to work with street dogs & even though it’s obviously a completly different situation, learning to respect any wild or “untamed” animal is so critical. Some of the incidents you mention where dingoes are blamed for attacks is so typical & it’s all brought on by ignorance.
    Thank you again,
    Lauri Woods
    Saint Patrick School
    Temuco, Chile

  54. Allan Leech says:

    Hi Jennifer,saw your story on ABC sometime ago. I have had an association with dingoes most of my life. They are very intelligent inquisitive kind animals.Ihave a property between Dalby and Moonie surrounded by 200,000 thousand acres of forestry where I see and hear them often. I used to go to fraser once a year fishing with mates,and often had rows with park rangers over the warrigals.It is ashame we waste so much food in our cities,some of this could be turned into food for the dingoes.I could go on about stories of the dingoes and rangers tagging them in them in the state forest but your sides would split from laughter.Anyway take care and it would be a privelage to meet you and shake your hand kind regards Leechy

  55. Trevor Croll says:

    A look at the RSPCA Queensland website shows their new focus of activity. There was a march against Government lack of proper care and management of wild life and dingos. The government has now employed RSPCA to move into these groups and this area to silence these groups. Like spies in war RSPCA have the function of destroying the groups discontent with government activity and lack of activity in this area.

    RSPCA are the Queensland Government’s hench men.

    This is a new space worth watching and all the wild life carers should be wary of this RSPCA involvement.

  56. Maxine Jacobsen says:


    It was reported last night on the television news that Queensland National Parks & Wildlife have captured some dingoes on Fraser Island and fitted the poor animals with heavy collars, with ridiculous antennas attached.

    I would like to know, did they get permission from Aunty Marie, the Aboriginal Elder of Fraser Island, to place these death collars on her people’s totem animal, the dingo? I strongly doubt it.

    When all the poor creatures die of starvation, because they now cannot hunt efficiently, or die of strangulation, from being caught up in vines, or go mad, because it will be rejected from its pack through human intervention and handling, the Aboriginal people, together with other caring souls,
    Will lay all the dead dingoes at the departments feet and the spirit of the dead totem will bring the department to account.

    Maxine Jacobsen

  57. MEDIA RELEASE – Labor neglect of Qld national parks set to worsen

    Andrew Powell MP
    Shadow Minister for the Environment

    LNP Member for Glass House

    25 May 2011

    Labor neglect of Qld national parks set to worsen

    LABOR’S abysmal record of neglect of Queensland’s national parks was set to worsen after it failed to announce extra rangers to manage additional parks.

    LNP Shadow Minister for the Environment Andrew Powell said Labor’s “declare-then-neglect’ policy for national parks was again on display today with Environment Minister Kate Jones’ announcing a new park at Mount Abbott, west of Bowen and land for Mount Aberdeen and Cape Hillsborough national parks north of Mackay.

    “Labor’s policy is all about declaring national parks and then neglecting them with no rangers to properly manage them,” Mr Powell said.

    “Last year the Auditor-General condemned Labor’s performance when he revealed less than one in five of the State’s 576 protected areas had management plans in place.

    “That contravened Labor’s conservation laws, but all the Environment Minister can do is worsen the problem.”

    Mr Powell said the Labor model was all about the photo-opportunity and not about long-term management.

    “Why, when so many of our national parks are crying out for proper management, funding for pest and weed control, maintenance of walking tracks and maintenance and upgrades of visitor facilities, is this Minister only interested in announcing more parks.” Mr Powell said.

    “Labor is not looking after the parks that we already have and this new one today will surely suffer the same fate of neglect as every other park in Queensland under this government.

    “Instead of focusing on photo-opportunities, glamour shots and staged announcements, the Premier and Minister Jones should focus on real, on the ground issues with managing Queensland’s environment and neglected national parks.”

    Mr Powell said the October 2010 Auditor General’s report revealed only 98 out of Queensland’s 576 protected areas had management plans in place (17%) contravening Labor’s own Nature Conservation Act (1992).

    “The sad thing is that Minister Jones is on the record as having given up – saying that it would take 30 years and $60 million to complete a plan for every park.

    “Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service do their best with the resources they have, but the fact is there is only one ranger per 16,135 hectares of park now, compared with 14,241 hectares in 1998.

    “And that declining ratio is about to get even worse with Minister Jones’s announcement today,” Mr Powell said.

    Media contact: Andrew Powell

  58. Hi Madeleine,
    Thank you for your beautiful letter. You have just made my day!
    I’m so pleased you brought the kids along and that they were not too upset. I love their question. Wow. Kids are so perceptive aren’t they?
    If you would like to join SFID just ring Karin, our secretary, on 4124 1979, or else e-mail her at .
    I will post list here of people for you to write to:
    Glen Elms is still being supportive. He hasn’t given up the fight, even though he had to give up the portfolio. SFID has a meeting with Andrew Powell shortly, the new LNP shadow minister. Thanks once again,

    “Tony.Abbott.MP” ,

    Kevin Rudd

    Sunshine Coast Daily; (Jack Dempsey) Mr Young Hun JUNG (Kate Jones);;;;

    Arthur Gorrie reporter, Gympie Times:

    Nathan Evans Noosa Journal:

    Scott Rowe editor Hervey Bay Independent

  59. Madeleine Flynn says:

    Thanks Jennifer for your wonderful presentation at NPA last week – I had been following the dingoes plight over the years through the paper but to hear the whole story was both wonderful (all the fascinating info you have gleaned about the dingoes) and devastating (the treatment by DERM of you and the dingoes) – horrifying….
    I had my 2 homeschooled children with me who also found your presentation very interesting – on the way home in the car we were discussing it – one of my 7 year olds’ comments (about one aspect of the info) was “So the white people stopped the black people feeding their dogs.” Just thought I would share that with you!
    Been on the Save the Dingoes website – can’t work out how to join. Also I know you had a list of who to write to but I can’t remember sorry – I will write to DERM but want to write at a Federal level. How is Glen Elmes proceeding in his support of the case? I found the online petition and know that is going to the Federal minister.
    Thanks so much for all you have done and continue to do – the support is growing!

  60. EMA says:

    It is an absolute disgrace that Jennifer Parkhurst has been made a scapegoat for the Queensland Government’s bungling and mismanagement of this beautiful iconic island and all the native animals on it. Ms Parkhurst’s draconian fine of $40,000 for her “crime” is a scandal and highlights the enormous chasm between justice and the law in Australia: the fine should be rescinded immediately.

  61. Karen Arnold says:

    Hi Jen, just wanted to thank you for an informative & very interesting presentation at the Noosa Parks Association yesterday. You did a great job.I was aware of the plight of the Fraser Island dingos and the injustice served on you but I learnt so much more. I cried all the way home & haven’t stopped thinking about the poor dingos & how cruel we are as Human Beings. I’m spending time today signing petitions, writing letters, researching etc. Hopefully people power may lead to improvements, regards, Karen Arnold.

  62. Steve says:

    “It’s the same everywhere when it comes to wildlife. Its much much harder to get a licence to care and rehabilitate injured and orphaned wildlife than it is to kill them, make a commercial profit from selling them overseas, or experiment on them. The reason is that we have no real animal welfare policy in this country – only some superficial approach to ‘conservation’ based purely on numbers and not lives, which is then contorted in some weird way to be the institutional response to animal welfare. Jennifer’s situation highlights a fundamental problem with the way this country relates to wildlife and that’s why we have the unenviable record of having so much cruelty and so much species loss. Conservation needs to reinvent itself from the perspective of the animal and not from the perspective of human constructed neoliberalism.” Steve

  63. Richard Browne says:

    I see watching the news tonight anothyer Dingo has been killed for attacking a kid..If they dont want their kids attacked then feed the Dingos and keep the humans away from these lovely animals…Disgusting to hear it being said that the Dingos are well fed..If they were they wouldnt attack humans…Queensland Govt are utterly useless at anything to do with wildlife and the environment..All they understand is money…Hope they rot in hell the lot of them.
    Your book is great Jennifer..Received it the other day.

  64. Pamela. says:

    ‘Dingoes attack toddler’ scream the headlines.
    26th April 2011. Here we go again:

    ‘Fraser Island rangers have captured one of two dingoes involved in the alleged attack on Monday.’

    The animals are to be ‘humanely destroyed’ by the usual DERM thugs. The dogs were ‘identified’ by witnesses (as if tourists can tell one from another).

    Notice the media doesn’t tell us how the parents allowed the three year old to wander off into the sand dunes:

    “They will do whatever we let them get away with”.
    Joseph Heller.

  65. Hi Richard,

    you can purchase the book through Save Fraser Island Dingoes secretary Karin Kilpatrick, on (07) 4124 1979, or at

    thanks, i hope you enjoy it!


  66. Richard Browne says:

    Hi Jennifer

    I have just come across your website..Its fantastic and so is what you do to help try and save these beautiful Dingos. I really want to purchase your new book but Im having trouble with Ebay and it possible for me to order from you directly or is there somewhere else I can order it?..


  67. Hi Midori, Fred, Cobber, Momoko and Tora,

    thanks for your letter. i agree. i do not understand why dog-lovers dont love dingoes. UNfortunately Vic made great headway there for a while with dingo protection, now with aerial baiting introduced, and other horrific things like animals being allowed to suffer in traps for three days, it seems like things are going backwards. Politics and greed get in the way of everything. i dont know why our politicians are allowed to lie. when they run the country they should be the ones setting the standards.

    great to hear from you again, keep in touch


  68. Hi Holly,

    as you may know i used to go there every day and clean up the rubbish. in fact, apart from me and a group from HB who occasionally clean up the western side of the island, and of course, the once-a-year Clean Up Australia Day people, there is no one that cleans up the beach on FI.

    i went to the island this weekend (April 1-3) and did a marine debris survey – you are right, it is filthy. in fact, it looked like it did when i first went there 8 years ago and began to clean. back then, if i had a partner with me, i was able to remove a ute-load a day. one day i removed a whopping 27 garbage bags of rubbish.

    I can only do a few hours at a time these days, but if you have a free weekend some time after May, drop me a line and we can go over together one afternoon and have a clean-up.


  69. Holly McCarthy says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    I live at Cooloola Cove and recently went to Fraser Island for a long weekend. I was absolutely disgusted by the plastic everywhere on the beaches. I’m sure it was a mix of washed up and disrespectful tourist contributions. I just could not get over it! Why does the government not have a group of people cleaning the beaches? They charge you enough to be over there. I just do not understand why our heritage area is not being protected. Ahhh I was angry!
    So to my question, do you have or know of a group that goes over there to pick up rubbish? I work full time so cannot contribute on a daily basis but would be happy to dedicate a weekend day every fortnight or so. I think if there was a group that did this, it would help a lot. (or at least I hope it would).


  70. alfred mueller says:

    Hi Jennifer!
    Thank you for the informative newsletter. It is a crime in itself the way you and your “case” have been treated! What has taken place is commonly known as a political assassination, pure and simple!
    The level of corruption and nepotism in our political system as well as our courts of law has reached unbelievable levels!
    You need look no further for prove than the recent events whereby senior politicians can now “walk” away from election deciding statements and promises made unimpeded!
    Gillard recently did it and the man with the name of a horse did similar in our state of Victoria.(Toll free Freeway).They can only do that because we the “extremist” voters allow it to happen!
    More importantly though, I am convinced that you carry within you the spirit of the mighty dingo and those cretins will not be able to break you!!
    We all know the state of affairs on Fraser Island thanks to you and your friends. I sincerely hope that “Australian story” will have a major impact toward a brighter future for the dingo.
    I have written some comments almost exactly a year ago most of what I said is still the state of affairs now.
    Here in Victoria the farming lobby has already managed to “water-down” the protective legislation to the point that the only protected dingoes are the ones in private hands and animal sanctuaries, go figure!
    The alpine dingo in the wild remains largely unprotected and in the lap of the gods, almost certainly leading to extinction!
    One thing that bugs me for some time now is the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of canine owners in Australia, you would think they would care about our native wolf being a fellow canine?!
    Can you imagine the impact all those thousands of owners marching as one in all states with their four-legged companions to support the cause of our dingo would have.
    I guess I better stop dreaming!
    We are lucky of course in that three of our family members are in fact dingoes and we can and do enjoy them 24/7. They are so refreshingly politically incorrect! I suppose they must be “red-necks”?!
    Again,dear Jennifer please accept our sincerest thanks for your efforts and sacrifices on behalf of maliki!
    Warmest Regards

    Midori, Fred, Cobber, Momoko and Tora.

  71. John Kennedy says:

    I saw your Australian Story and would like at least write some letters and do something to save the Fraser Island dingoes as they are being left to die of hunger by the Qld Government.The park rangers are heartless and cruel and should not be in charge of these animals fates.


    John Kennedy

  72. Darryl says:

    Seems to me that DERM systematically skewed their evidence and created a process that was biased against Jennifer. the outcome was not one of justice but an indulgent charade where the end was determined ahead of time, boosting their already enlarged ego-mania and bloody-minded so-called beaurocracy. Honest members of the same fraternity only have to review the actions taken by this magistrate to see what an absolutely disgraceful travesty has taken place… anyway nothing happens in Queensland becasue they are too scared of losing the jobs that protect them and their own futures. good on ya boys, all of you against one woman. you must feel so tough.

  73. Totally agree Libby! i suspect there have been a lot of parties happening this week!

  74. Elizabeth says:

    Maybe the ghosts of those starved and slaughtered dingoes are circling the minister who abandoned them. We might be seeing the beginning of the end for the arrogant Kate jones. KARMA! …..Libby

  75. Milton McNally says:

    Hi Jennifer,Thanks for your nice reply last week – Notice in that 7 local news item last night-17th-re dingos at Maryborough TESS that Chris Foley supports feeding stations on Fraser Is.Can we get a concerted appeal to him to back more publicity on stubborn local govt attitude.Also it would be interesting to get the RSPCA out of their shells to make a public policy statement and take a more active part as defined in their title.

    Have a good weekend
    Kind regards

  76. Mr Jack Dempsey MP LNP Bundaberg says:

    2nd March 2011

    Response to Australia Story episode on Jennifer Pankhurst

    AFTER watching Monday’s Australian Story episode on Fraser Island dingo activist Jennifer Pankhurst, Opposition Shadow Environment, Climate Change and Sustainability Minister Jack Dempsey has expressed his continuing concern for the plight of Australia’s last remaining pure-bred native dogs.

    “Sadly the Fraser Island dingo population is at threat due to a lack of food and the Bligh government response to the crisis is woefully inadequate,” Mr Dempsey said.

    “We have the last of our country’s pure dingoes starving on Fraser Island and the Department of Environment and Resource Management is failing to act.”

    “Unfortunately, under the Bligh government DERM has become another department more concerned about bureaucratic red tape than achieving results.”

    “Instead of focusing on proactive steps to protect this precious species, DERM is too busy enforcing the letter of the law against a woman who was only trying to desperately help these starving animals.”

    “It was telling that Environment and Resource Management Minister Kate Jones didn’t even appear on the Australian Story episode, instead she sent departmental officers to face the media.”

    “When it comes to the Fraser Island dingoes, Minister Jones has always hidden behind the courts because she doesn’t want to address the department’s failure to properly manage the dingoes.”

    “Unfortunately, the Environment and Resource Management Minister is too busy applying bureaucratic red tape and posing with koalas instead of addressing serious concerns such as the struggling Fraser Island dingo population.”

    “Minister Jones needs to stop avoiding the issue and step in to protect these dingoes before it is too late.”

    Media contact: Chris McLoughlin on 4152 1476 or 0413 485 766

  77. Jennifer Parkhurst says:

    I notice that there were many comments on the ABC Annie Gaffney forum, but couldnt seem able to post a response. so if it doesnt appear on that forum, my response is below:

    Thanks Ziggy, Sylvia, and Simon who all referred to Jane Goodall. I would love to meet Jane one day.

    People have often compared me to Jane Goodall and Dian Fossey, but I’d never actually read any of their work up until recently. I haven’t yet read about Jane, but I was pleased to discover that Dian Fossey called her animals by name, identified with each individual, played with them, anthropomorphized them, became extremely attached to them, mourned each and every one’s death, buried them, was extremely upset with tourism in the area and its effects, and endured many hardships so she could be with them all the time. I do know that Jane would prefer to be with the animals, rather than doing the rounds of the speaking circuit, but at this point in time, she feels that is the best way to get her message to people. One of these ladies fed the animals, and both of these ladies spent many years in the field before starting their degrees. (So where is the difference Marty?)

    Elizabeth, thanks for your comments. The FI dingoes are not bigger than mainland dingoes. Alpine dingoes for example are on average 4 kilo heavier. And coastal dingoes are always going to be heavier than desert dingoes – its common sense. It’s a shame you weren’t told the truth.

    If Theresa, Frank and Courtney could contact me via ABC or my website I would be grateful to see your photos.

    Jade, you seem to have a good knowledge of the law and what is wrong and right. Thank you for your strong statement. As a friend of mine said recently: Ask the experimenters why they experiment on animals, and the answer is: “Because the animals are like us.” Ask the experimenters why it is morally okay to experiment on animals, and the answer is: “Because the animals are not like us.” Animal experimentation rests on a logical contradiction. ~Charles R. Magel (Cheryl).

    Anti-anthropomorphism is driven by the desire to abuse animals that if seen as objects, can be denied basic rights.

    Libby, talking about public safety, sanitation (or lack of it) and roads – dangerous.

    Barbara, thank you for your comments. You are correct – there is nothing based on scientific findings in the management strategy. It is all anecdotal evidence. The only published, scientifically peer-reviewed contribution to the FIDMS is an article on the effectiveness of the communication of the FIDMS. So now, okay, they are working with Universities to review their strategy – ABOUT TIME! That doesn’t make the mistakes of the past disappear, and it doesn’t make my findings wrong!

    Kevin, are you saying that because Aborigines were not mentioned and you never saw any that there were never Aborigines on FI either? The living descendents of the Butchulla people have told us stories of their symbiotic relationship with dingoes on FI. There is no doubt even from scientists that dingoes and Aborigines existed on FI for thousands of years.

    Death adder snakes are still a problem and recently a backpacker was bitten on the face by one. I don’t know if that made the news. Many people are air lifted off FI because of neck injuries due to leaping off the sand blow at Lake Wabby. There are at least 5 fatal vehicle accidents a year, and ??? how many drownings. And one fatal dingo attack in 20 years. Get a grip.

    Now that there are less dingoes, the townships are experiencing a plague of goannas and snakes, and numbers of funnel web spiders are increasing.

    Having a PhD and having something published does not make anyone an expert on FI dingoes. Even mainland ‘experts’ who are very well published on dingo behavior and ecology etc, do not claim intimate knowledge and understanding of the FI dingo. We are all constantly learning.

    One person mentioned in this forum that I did this for profit. But I ask you… what profit? 7 years voluntary work compared to a government reaping the profit from tourism? What commercial gain have I received from my work? Nothing, and nothing asked for. All I ever asked for was the protection of the dingoes.

    Yes, Islands are unique in that the ecosystem is very fragile. Tourism and mismanagement are causing the decline of the ecosystem on FI.

    Emotional comments from people are a good thing, it means that people care. Real life experience is what counts; these animals are having a real life experience of slow, lingering death that should not be happening.

    Thank you everyone for your kind comments. I am very glad that you could see my actions were driven by compassion, not by profit greed or malice.

    The human species is the only species that is aggressive and cruel.
    Thank you ABC 

  78. Joe says:

    Ghost Dogs

    Tracks on the sand, so light and soft
    nose to the ground, eyes alert, tail proudly aloft

    you skirt the camp, pirouetting forth and back
    constantly guarding, and using the track

    playing a watching and waiting game
    where’s your mate, is she doing the same?

    First inspection completed, you return to the lair
    swiftly, silently, somewhere out there

    beautiful, tragic, Fraser Island Dingo
    in the melting silence, where did you go?

    As shadows grow and moon reflects on breaking surf
    you return silently across the sandy turf

    holding our attention as you walk the track
    while your mate slinks silently behind our back

    so close I could touch her with outstretched hand
    do you communicate with silent commands?

    You sniff, you watch, you take in the sight
    then like a ghost, disappear into the night

    as the night wears on and sleep is beckoning
    you return again to survey, with dead reckoning

    the spotless camp sight, for morsels that might be found
    should anything have been carelessly left on the ground

    you’re so close and silent, such a beautiful sight
    before you float away like a ghost in the night.

    Your silent visits are a memory so dear
    filled with wonderment, dispelling all fear

    ghost dog that floats with no sound at all
    silently watching for what may fall

    from a careless table to adorn the ground
    waiting, just waiting, until it is found.

    When no such gifts from here were in sight
    you silently slunk away into the night

    beautiful Dingo, were you really there?
    or was it something I dreamed, some time, some where?

    golden, gliding creature, such a wonderful sight
    soundlessly floating, off into the night.

    Jon Alderhue 15th June, 2002. On Fraser Island.

  79. SC says:

    Dear Ms Bligh

    I am wondering if you saw Australian Story tonight? It tore my heart out to see the little dingo puppies allowed to slowly starve to death under the watchful eyes of your Government’s so called management team. How cruel and heartless are your employees to allow such an atrocity? Still the dingos are starving and not able to be fed. Why is there not enough food on the island for them? Is it the huge invasive ear tags your men are putting on them that stop them hearing acutely enough to stalk prey? Here we have the purest population of native dingo in the world and your Government is driving it to extinction by starvation.

    It must be hell for the dingos to see all the tourists with lots of food in their territory and not allowed to have any while literally starving to death. Any true wildlife carer would ensure food drops are made if the animals in their care were starving. If Qld wants to keep this precious and unique population, I suggest you sack the dingo management team before the dingos disappear for good!

    As for the poor lady who has brought the situation to the publics attention – hopefully in time to give the dingos a second chance – she’s been fined $40,000 for her trouble, compassion and trying to help our indigenous fauna!! I truly believe you should intervene in such an unfair and outrageously steep penalty just for trying to make a difference. It is the dingo management team who should be fronting court, not a lonesome do gooder! The rules she disobeyed are archaic and inhumane and should have not been in place to start with.

    Not only did tourists torment the dingoes on the show by flaunting food around them, but they were also throwing things at them. Why can’t this one small population be left to live in peace in their native habitat without tourists interfering with them? Surely if there has to be a tourist resort there, it can be fenced off from the rest of the island. Better still, make it national park without any commercial enterprise at all. It’s not like Qld doesn’t have plenty of other places for tourists!!

    Please don’t respond to this in platitudes or justifications from the dingo management team. I am way too outraged to entertain excuses or explanations. The way your management team deals with the dingoes is shameful and abusive. Please do something about it.

  80. Justice says:

    I thought the programme was quite good and highlights the stupidity of Parks & Wildlife — the fellow doing the shooting, was he authorised to discharge a weapon in a public place — seems the dingo he shot was at point blank range and cowered down — why shoot animals in view of public and where is the permission to discharge a weapon in front of the public. It’s a pity you didn’t have the Warning Notice displayed identifying that even when complying that they still are not satisfied.

    A good show and its a credit to you young lady for having the guts to air the washing in public hearing/viewing.

  81. Elizabeth says:

    I haven’t received any satisfaction from either Kate jones office nor the premired
    dept. I can’t believe my tax payer dollars are paying a minister whose office won’t even respond to my emails. Sheer arrogance. The only thing to do is vote for the LNP. Who would have thought they would turn out to be the heroes of the environment but they are and if you care about the dingoes vote this arrogant uncaring goverment OUT. By the way in no way am I affiliated with a political party. I vote for who is right for the things I believe in. Check my name out if you are cynical. No loyalty to any party only to my conscience. Libby Franklin

  82. Barb says:

    the use of poisons by DERM is abhorrent. it is all on pp. 35 and 36 of their strategy, which states “programs will continue to be implemented to modify dingo behaviour and habits, which threaten human safety and well being ” I think that this practice of the management should be emphasised as this is the horror no animal should suffer – such treatment is beyond my comprehension

  83. Judith O,

    i agree with every word. good on you!

  84. Hi Bob,

    i have cut and pasted your letter below, so as to not show your personal details.

    thank you very much for sharing your story about the wild dingoes of Brindabella. i have always wanted to see them. i can clearly see the similar behaviors, and i think that the dingo you photographed was exhibiting play behavior. You are right when you say that the dingoes accepted you becasue you reacted calmly to them. You became familiar to them, and they grew to know your scent and to understand that you were not there to hurt them.

    i am glad you never needed to use your weapon against them. i have never felt threatened by a dingo on Fraser Island, or anywhere else. Sadly becasue of the last 200 years of habitation by us Europeans on this continent, the dingo has learnt to be wary of us. but somehow, for some reason, it still has an instinctive desire to be near us. thank you for writing to me. i will post the link to some of your video so others can see it:

    Hi Jennifer,

    Last year I did and ABC TV program (Stateline) on the white dingoes (Panda faces) in the Snowy Mountains near here. It involved three years of solo filming and often walking back in the dark with the dogs howling behind me.

    I have also written a number of articles on them.

    It can be picked up on Google with the key words – wild dogs bob piper abc tv. A nice narrated clip.

    The dogs up there are well fed from natural resources.They also have to deal with the winter cold.

    Keep up the good work. Hope your enjoy our story.We enjoyed yours.

    Email direct if you have any queries.

    Bob Piper.
    Military & Aviation Research Services

  85. judith odgaard says:

    When I was breeding & showing hounds from the 60s to the 90s if they had been in condition 1/2 as bad as those dingos I would have been prosecuted. I’m not opposed to culling when necessary but the situation on the Island is passive cruelty. Educating people is all very fine but with some it’s impossible & there will always be new tourists coming. Have a moratorium for a number of years banning people from the island, there are plenty of other beaches in Australia, so the habit of pestering the people will be broken or/& feed the dingos so their appetites are more than satisfied in which case they wont need to harass people for the sustenance required to survive. Keep at it.

  86. Joanne Mckay says:

    Hi Jen…WWF (Wild Women of Fraser)

    You have triumphed Jen! In the eyes and consciousness of the people! They are falling in love with the dingo and your passion to save them! Look at you Brumbyy ;)

    People are now seeing what we have always seen! The comments are well deserving, magic can and does happen with the power of love! Your light has lit your way through the darkness. I will never forget the wonderful times we shared with our passion of the Fraser Island dingo!

    Found this…awesome! posted on You Tube
    Thankyou “2keepemhonest”

    Fraser Island Dingo Jennifer Parkhurst Story

    With love always
    mmmwwwaahhh beautiful soul!

    Jo WWF

  87. Michael Ezersky says:

    Hi again,
    On my regular drive from Bundaberg to Sydney, i’ve seen roadside advertising by motoring associations that demand better & safer roads..
    I guess a big photo of a dingo with some clever wording would be too expensive to ever consider.. has anyone ever looked into it?
    Beside the sunshine coast motorway, heading north would be good..

  88. Ian Crawford says:

    I saw the Australian Story and was amazed that your matter ever went to court. And when it did for it to be managed by the Judicial Authorities in such a poor manner.
    Firstly the Magistrate, according to custom and precedent,should have excused himself from your matter for the simple reason of perceived conflict of interest. He clearly had a conflict due to his prior position as the Coroner in the matter of a childs death due to a Dingoe attack.
    Secondly Justice must always be seen to be done. Meaning that if 2 accused for the same alleged offence are found guilty by the court then sentencing must be equivalent. That clearly was not the case in your matter and that of the co- accused. There was no satisfactory reasoning by the Magistrate as to why the sentences were so different. Unless otherwise clearly stated by the Prosecution regarding sentence arrangements having been previously negotiated due to cooperation in the prosecution by an accused, the Court must be neutral. The Court has no knowledge and learns of all the facts at the time of prosecution.
    This Court was obviously incompetent in several areas.

    I wish you well for the future and thank you for your courage and brilliant work.
    The local aboriginal folk should be given care of those beautiful animals,not the ignorant park rangers and their dopey ear tagging and other incompetent practices.

  89. Jennifer
    (Words & music Jake Lloyd Jones c. APRA/AMCOSS – March 2011)

    Artist and photographer
    Naturist and protector
    Of the yellow dog
    Wildlife warrior
    Look what they’ve done to her
    And the yellow dog

    The Fraser Island dingo
    Yellow dog of the sands
    An icon of this country
    At the mercy of the lawman’s hands
    But mercy has not played a part
    In keeping them alive
    Culled and tagged and starving
    They struggle to survive

    The eartags are eardrags
    And interfere with hunting
    But you’re not allowed to feed them
    Which is why they’re starving
    So they get up close to humans
    They scrounge and they scavenge
    And Jen in compassion
    was caught love-handed

    Artist and photographer
    Naturist and protector
    Of the yellow dog
    Wildlife warrior
    Look what they’ve done to her
    And the yellow dog

    It’s all about the tourist
    And of course, the dollar
    But if people want to play there
    They should have a fenced area
    To expect a wild animal
    To be mannered and demure
    Is like expecting kids
    To be quiet and mature

    Forty thousand dollars
    And a 9 month prison sentence
    That’s the price she paid
    For her love and commitment
    The law maybe the law -
    But sometimes it’s an ass
    When principles are lost
    When angels get bashed

    Artist and photographer
    Naturist and protector
    Of the yellow dog
    Wildlife warrior
    Look what they’ve done to her
    And the yellow dog

  90. Sam Costanzo says:

    Just watched australian story and i do recall the news story about your upcoming courtcase a while back but never heard about the outcome. I was disgusted to hear you received a grossly unjust fine when so many other people who actually commit cruelty against animals get nothing more then a slap on the wrist despite the RSPCAs best efforts!

    Watching how Frazer Island has become a place to visit (ruin) and how peoples needs appear more important then our native wildlife is utterly amazing and I am dumb founded at the double standard about protecting a National Park, but then allowing a massive (uncontrolled limit) amount of people is beyond comprehension. Here we have the most pure of Dingo breeds allowed to starve without any reaction from any government department simply because they are wild!

    I wonder if it was found a large colony of Koala’s was about to stave because developers were destroying their habitat would anything be done about it? Clearly yes we have seen it done and reported in the media.
    Yet our Dingos starving doesnt get a reaction? I am at a loss to understand it.

    Many years ago I had a female german shep cross dingo and she was the most loyal and intelligent of dogs and last year I took my cousin from Italy to our local Billabong Sanctuary to see the Apine dingos there and actually got to interact with them (plenty of cuddles, yes guys dont say cuddles but in this case i will).
    These animals while they have been domesticated somewhat, display great intelligence and an incredible beauty.

    I have one thing to say to you in your fight… dont let the bastards bring you down!
    I am not a conservationist/ greenie but blind freddy can see how we killing and destroying our environment.
    And i can see how our governments provide lip service to us, but when someone rocks the boat they especially dont like it. You rocked that boat and clearly hit a nerve somewhere.
    Dont let up in getting your mesage out there.

  91. Anton Couzens says:

    I watched your story on Australian Story this morning.
    The world needs more people like you.
    I am just so fed up with the way the animal population of this planet are treated
    They have just as much right to be here as we have if not more
    Keep on fighting for the dingoes

  92. Pauline says:

    Dear Jennifer
    Just watched Australian Story. If you hadn’t received such an unjust ruling, there now wouldn’t be the publicity that is generating from the story. It is obvious that many Australians and people throughout the world are outraged. So please gain strength from this knowledge, you are making a huge difference to the plight of the dingos on Fraser Island.

  93. Albert Martin says:

    gday Jennifer would you like me to carve some thing for you in regards to the save the dingos at Fraser Island
    keep up the good work i’m on your side.Please send email address and i’ll show you some pics of my wood work.
    kind regards

  94. Thank you for writing such caring and heartfelt, passionate letters. We (the dingoes and I) really need your help. even if you are interstate, if you are interested in helping, please join SFID. It only costs $20, and you get at least 6 newsletters a year, keeping you updated on the condition of the dingoes, and also what we are doing to try and help them, as well as regular updates etc via e-mail. We need manpower! SFID is Incorporated and is a legitimate, non-profit organisation supported by most of Australia’s conservation organisations, like Humane Society International, World League for Protection of Animals, Wildlife Protection Assoc of Aust, and Dingo Care Network, just to name a few. To join, e-mail secretary Karin Kilpatrick on If you would rather not join, perhaps you could write a letter to your local MP asking him to bring the matter before parliament on your behalf. thank you.

  95. Pete Stenholm says:

    Hello Jen,
    I watched your story the other night.People like you genuinely warm my soul, there’s not enough love and compassion in the world anymore. That’s why you and others like you will always shine. Walk proud Jen.

    Best wishes

  96. Greg, RSPCA Qld says 1/ wild animals aren’t their problem and 2/ that we have not proved they are starving anyway…

  97. Hi Mick,
    Thanks for your comment.
    I agree… I feel that the Govt would be happy if all the dingoes were gone.
    Afghanistan.. love your comments. Good on you.
    Regulation say ‘don’t interfere’. Do you think hazing, ear-tagging, trapping, fencing, culling, hazard-reduction-burns, fear campaigns, are non-interference-based? And what do they accomplish?
    Don’t you think destruction of the eco-system by destroying a top-end predator and thus causing a trophic cascade is interference?
    Good on you for your passion.

  98. Hi Oriana,

    Thank you for your comment. I would love to see a photo of Boo. What an appropriate name!

    THANK YOU FOR BRINGING UP THE FACT THAT Boo is 23 k. I have a real problem believing that 18 kilos is overweight! My sister’s spaniel weighed 13 kilos before she put him on a diet, and I am certain that dingoes have a greater muscle weight than dogs!

    I also like your comment that Boo will only take as much food as necessary. This is my experience with both wild and captive dingoes. Friends of mine have 40 dingoes at a Sanctuary, and they feed every day but some days, the dingoes simply bury the food or leave it totally untouched.

    I was in Melb a few months ago – if I had known you I would have visited! Its great to hear from you now.


  99. Oriana says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    Watching Australian story disturbed me. I cried and I am still upset. I have a dingo. His name is BOO. He is almost 5 years old.My dingo is my best friend. He is amazingly loyal, sensitive and intelligent. We keep him on a special diet of fresh chicken necks, a very small amount of good quality dry biscuits and vegetables. Correct me if I’m wrong, I think that a ranger on the show said dingoes should weigh 18kg. That is total rubbish. Boo is 23 kg and sometimes he looks under weight, especially around breeding time.However, Boo will only take as much food as is necessary.He will not over eat.We take in the forest and let him run. He loves it, he has the biggest smile on his face and is so grateful. He is weary of strangers and will not approach anyone.If he is approached by a stranger, he turns around and walks away. We respect his habits, the fact that he is a wild animal and want to preserve that. If you ever come to MEL-Vic, you are more than welcome to come and see him. I am in my first year of studying (Environmental Science). My goal is to finish Uni and go out there and fight for the right of the Dingo. If you need any help or anything… I would love to get involved.
    Please keep up the work, don’t give up!

  100. Sylvia Raye says:


    After watching Australian Story last night I was horrified and ashamed to call myself an Australian.

    I am one of the entertainers who volunteered to entertain our troop in a war zone and as someone with compassion and empathy I am horrified at the attitude of your Government. To fine someone with a heart is barbaric. What sort of people are you?

    To allow these animals to starve because of your inability to feel just shows how vile and horrible you are. No brains, no compassion and no empathy. $40,000?????? you have to be joking.

    Talk about rednecks in the US? You have just been voted the redneck state in Australia. Hang you heads in shame. I wouldn’t visit your state if you gave me a free holiday and I shall tell all I meet to do the same!

    Sylvia Raye

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