‘Dingoes Don’t Bark’ Badtjala Wangari – The CD

The Badtjala Wangari CD ‘Dingoes Don’t Bark’ is the culmination of six months work, and was financed through fund-raising efforts such as an e-bay auction of an original Jennifer Parkhurst painting, sales of t-shirts designed and printed by Deb Richards, donations from SFID, and donation of time by band members. (Left to right in photos: Cathy Tapper, Erana Tapper, Pania Tapper, Deb Richards, Robin Wells (songwriter), Jennifer Parkhurst, and foreground Hayden Wittman.)

Dingoes Don't Bark

Dingoes Don't Bark

The Band Badtjala Wangari

Badtjala Wangari & friends

The CD has been released on radio stations throughout Australia  and is available for purchase through SFID on face book: save Fraser Island dingoes, or by calling SFID Secretary Karin Kilpatrick on: (07) 4124 1979

All proceeds go directly towards promoting, funding and assisting independent research, particularly in the areas of non intrusive observations of dingo family groups, maintenance of pack social structure, regular census of animals, and regular census of food supply. We are currently recruiting organisations and individuals with the necessary skills and abilities to further this goal.

Funds raised from the CD will also assist with education programs where possible to ensure protection and harmonious relationship between dingoes and their environment, which not only includes their natural environment, but also incorporates their inevitable interactions with residents, tour operators, tourists, and other stakeholders on the Island.

We encourage and promote open dialogue between the government and all stakeholders to ensure that the dingo maintains its status on the Island as an important and ongoing part of Aboriginal culture and heritage, and remains an integral part of the world heritage listed status of the Island that it enjoyed at the time of the original listing.

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  1. Joylene McG says:

    I was just passing thru Rainbow and saw your display at the video store. i bought a CD on a whim and it is great! it is such a moving song. congratulations and please keep up the great work

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