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  Death in Paradise..

The Holiday season is a time of fun and frivolity for most of us, but for the Fraser Island Dingo it is a time of danger and death. It is a time when “nuisance” animals are trapped and culled to accommodate the influx of tourists.  The government claims this is acceptable and that culling is decreasing; this is not the case.

Ms. Kate Jones, former Minister for Climate Change and Sustainability claimed there were over 200 animals on the Island, and those claims continue under the current government, but there is no scientific research to support this theory. To have a viable population at least 80% of females must survive to maturity, and this simply is not happening.

SFID challenges the current government and those bureaucrats who sit behind their desks and make life and death decisions about the fate of these animals to witness the ”humane destruction” they have sanctioned, to witness the lethal injection of a 9 month old puppy or the rifle shot and excruciating pain and fear that is involved.

There are those that deride the “emotional approach ” as regards animal welfare issues, but compassion is central to human values and emotion and science are not mutually exclusive..we know instinctively what is right and what is wrong. The current approach to dingo management on Fraser Island is totally wrong and Ms. Jones,  Ms. Vicky Darling and others may well hold the dubious distinction of being responsible for the extinction of yet another Australian species.

We must protest loudly and clearly and the public must demand a change to the flawed and failing “management” strategy of our dingoes. If not, we will demand a change of government at the next election. See links page for current e-mail addresses of people to write to.

Fraser Island is the dingoes’ home. Those that come to the Island are only visitor’s and need to respect the wildlife and respect the wilderness and remember their actions can have dire consequences for both animal and tourist.

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53 Responses to Save Fraser Island Dingoes

  1. Sylvia Raye says:

    words fail me. What sort of species are we to allow this?
    I have met Jane Goodall and know the trouble she had in the begining. Now she is celebrated world wide for her work with chimps. Jennifer should be celebrated for the work she has done documenting dingoes. Is there anyone else as knowlegable as her when it comes to dingoes?
    We have some very strange and crazy people running this planet and the Queenland Gov. is one of them.

    sylvia raye

  2. Sharon says:

    A (relatively) healthy dingo is trapped – then dies…. Bullshit..! Of course they are going to deny any wrong doing…. Bet this isn’t
    the first either…….. Sorry don’t believe DERM are concerned about the dingoes death…. just the bad press & their jobs…!

  3. Tony Ryan says:

    Rangers tend to be scientists and academics, or undergraduates dominated by these people; who are devoid of commonsense and whose pathetic pride wil not permit them to seek practical advice. After all, they reason, why should a person of superior intellect suffer the advice of an inferior. Pursuent to this mindset my favourite fresh water crocodile in Baramundi Gorge was killed by bumbling rangers. This was a croc that occasionally swam underwater alongside me for ten to twenty metres, obviously having fun; and had done so for many years. Elsewhere, dingoes are poisoned while scientists ponder over the increase in feral cats, it being well known that dingoes are the cat’s only significant predator.


    I do not believe putting those cruel collars on dingoes is necessary, nor is it necessary to catch dingoes. If they are a problem they should be shot by a competent hunter; otherwise, left alone. As noted above, Government’s credibility on decency was shattered by the resumption of live export; and the RSPCA is, in my opinion, run by strange quasi-religious people with control issues, who have no compunction about giving the thumbs up to factory farming of hens, providing some profits go to the RSPCA.

  4. HerveyBayGirl says:

    There are no words to describe the disgust I feel towards our Government over this. The relevant people involved should be sacked. This type of ignorance delivered against the dingoes must stop!

  5. Granville says:

    is the RSPCA going to have the government charged?? if it was anybody else im sure we would be. leave the dingo’s be.

  6. Bev Price says:

    How long is it going to take, and how many more dingoes are going to die, before something is done to save them from DERM. Those in charge of DERM don’t seem to know anything about dingoes and they way they are, and it is about time they admitted they are killing them.
    Scientific purposes be blowed, seems to be following the Japanese, killing so many whales each year for so called scientific purposes, when the rest of the world knows they are killing them for food.

  7. Dingosimon says:

    Patrick, regarding your comment by letting DERM get on with it’s job, according to FOI DERM have killed over 200 dingoes on Fraser Island.
    Purely on that basis I would have to say that DERM do not know how to do their job.

  8. Patrick says:

    This is rediculous. If you want to save Fraser Island dingos all people need to be removed and the island allowed to return to its original natural condition. Is this going to happen ever? No, never, so long as people exist on this planet they will want to go everywhere. So what can be done in the mean time? DERM has to manage people and the dingos. What happens when a dingo kills a human (espically a child)? Who do you think would win out there? This issue has become purely emotional and not based on science at all. Reading someones website doesnt make you ecologist, owning a pet dog doesnt make you an ecolgist, so please remove the emotion from the science and let DERM get on with their job.

  9. Anon says:

    I am trying to be with you spiritually as you still feel sad and angry and cheesed off with so many things going wrong lately. And I read all the positive endearing comments people have written here for you. Can you absorb some of their passion in their belief in you.? You are such a wonderful beautiful woman, a fragile spirit of enormous magnitude. So sensitive to everything around you that it’s power causes you pain. I just wish the pain would go away, so you can experience all the love around you despite those yucky things that mess up your day.

  10. Ray H D says:

    What a strong and determined group are SFID … representing the beautiful God qualities on this planet, … so passionately driven by compassion and protection of those that can’t protect themselves, … it lifts me – all of us up in the face of the such hard-hearted humans. And gives one heart that compassion and love is here in strength – and growing … DERM I expect must be introspecting inwards quite some

  11. Heather says:

    Dear committee

    Thankyou for the AGM minutes in email

    and also recent newsletter.

    I’m sorry I neglected to RSVP my inability to attend.Sometimes I leave
    things to the last minute

    because I am ever hopeful of attending and think there’ll be a way.(like
    the time earlier this year when I was able to

    attend Jennifer’s wonderful presentation at the centre near NOOSA.That came
    about because I had early release from hospital

    and my mum had already gone to my brother’s for 2 weeks–my friends joke
    about the lengths I go to to get respite!!!!-)

    I just had a wonderful PM from SC who I know through this

    She has just returned from a fantastic break in Sydney where a highlight of
    her trip was to hear

    Jennifer speak and actually meet Jen,at last.We both agree that Jen is a
    MOST wonderful person.We would gladly assist more financially

    especially with that “stinking” fine,but will have to pray for others to
    have the means to be generous and assist.

    I perceive that it is difficult for Jen,being of a solitary nature,to
    publicly speak like that.She does a superb job,holding the audience
    captivate:-by her gentleness

    and profound knowledge of the dingoes.I’m glad it all went well in Sydney.

    Thank you ALL for all your hard work.I,for one,really appreciate ALL that
    you do.

    Fond regards


  12. Claude says:

    Thanks very much for the great Newsletter. The sadness of seeing yet more harrowing
    pictures of the starving dogs is balanced only by seeing how much you people are doing for them or at
    least attempting to do for them given the near insurmountable obstacles blocking the way forward.

    I’m sure that on some level the dingoes sense your concerns and devotion. It is beyond sad when they die
    by human intervention when that cruelty and intervention is their only experience of humans in their short,
    brutal lives.

  13. Ray says:

    Dear Jen,

    The inspiration starts with you Jen, … on many levels, … what a rich life, … even though pain usually goes with it, …. Big picture I feel is that the beautiful dingoes are on the path towards being more protected though there is still the hard core iniquity to contend with … as in DERM and the Fraser Island Association, … I couldn’t think of a more effective and calm representative of the God force than Mal, … reminds me of Martin Luther King’s wisdom … Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. Hate multiplies hate, violence multiplies violence and toughness multiples toughness in a descending spiral of destruction.”
    – Martin Luther King, Jr“

    Always I have felt that evil does not win in the final outcome

    Inspiration given to us all in many ways is your role, … Malcolm in his Gandhi ways, … Karen in her tenacity for what is right, … Simon in his nonstop loyalty and consistent persistence, … and all the many other devoted beings in SFID is a huge and beautiful example of the power of the God force … bound to prevail triumphant eventually, … what a wonderful journey to experience in one’s lifetime, … it is an inspiration even for me simply of being there wholeheartedly in spirit.

    Thank you!! Jen

    Much Love

    God Bless
    from Ray

  14. Pat says:

    Thank you so much for your care and concern. How can any thinking person not understand that when someone or something is starving that they will resort to almost any measure to get something to eat. Reduce the pollies to a state of starvation and see what lengths they would go to. As the adds for a favourite chocolate bar show “you are not yourself when you are hungry” For goodness sake don’t the so called leaders have any brains at all!?? Thank you for your continued efforts and I look forward to helping where I can.

  15. BP says:

    - we got the excellent documentary and informative tapes by Jennifer – they really are effective in conveying the issues and show how destructive we are to the natural environment – she is very talented woman and very dedicated – we are going to promote the tapes -

  16. Barb says:

    September 7th is National Threatened Species Day the aim of which is to educate the community about threatened species and to prevent further extinctions of unique Australian animals and plants. Australian dingo is classed as vulnerable and this is nowhere more so than on Fraser Island where it is threatened with extinction if the present management by DERM is allowed to continue.

    Fraser Island is World Heritage National Park. It was established as such to protect the Island’s unique natural environment. Therefore the preservation of all of its native flora and fauna species should be of paramount importance. However at present it is not the case, as evident from articles and radio programs. Tourists are not fined for feeding dingoes or hitting them by cars but dingoes are killed for loitering and becoming too friendly. From my perspective the Island is managed as a “tourist playground” and not as a World Heritage Listed National Park. There is nothing wrong with tourism, but tourists should be educated to value and respect wildlife and behave in a responsible way. Fines should be imposed for misconduct and breaking of the rules.

    Like wolves in Europe and America, dingoes in Australia were demonized and exterminated and still continue to be so outside national parks. Fortunately the attitude is changing now. After extensive research it is found that the dingo was wrongly blamed for the extinction of other native species and is now recognized as the Australian native top predator and as such, plays an important part in preventing extinctions of small native animals and maintaining healthy ecosystems. It also has been recognized that they reduce the numbers of feral foxes and cats in the wild.

    Aboriginal People recognized the value of the dingo long time ago and now the dingoes are an important part of their culture. That is why the conservation of dingoes on Fraser Island is so important.

  17. HB says:

    They look so hungry to me.The starving puppies that Jen wrote about,are such
    a crime.No animal that young(or any age ) should be hungry.

    NO person in the world should be hungry.There is enough for all if we would
    just distribute correctly.

    I hope you didn’t think I thought they appear healthy.FAR FROM IT.I advocate
    that immediate food drops,either aerial or other means

    should occur NOW, so that any puppies can grow to their full healthy stature
    and live long lives with more healthy breeding.

    Who thinks its ok for any young animal to suffer so.Charles Darwin has a lot
    to answer for with his survival of the fittest theory.I don’t believe

    that’s what God intended for animals.We were meant to look after them and
    care for them.

    This FI situation is WRONG.DERM are wrong.QPWS are wrong.

    I mentioned that a sister and her vet
    husband went camping on F.I. and he thought the dingoes looked emaciated.
    This was about 3 years ago,she told me.She was surprised at the amount of
    pawprints surrounding the tent in the mornings.

    I thankyou and Malcolm and all your team for doing such a fabulous job.I
    cannot believe your restraint ,dignity and control.You must all suffer

    deep emotional pain and damage just thinking about what’s going on over
    there on the Island.

    If you think there’s any way I could help that I haven’t thought of please
    let me know.I

    Fond regards to all supporters

  18. Karin says:

    This time last year was nerve wracking only months away from the trial, Charity Dinner, Dingo Day/Candle Night, you, we, gave them a fight they never thought they would get, they would have loved for you to have gone away, hat off to you Jen for not doing so.

  19. SR says:

    I have only just had time to read the SFID Newsletter. Jennifer your words have brought me to tears. WHY can’t other people not see what you see? The so called experts.

  20. Marie says:

    Having watched you all on the sideline, with SFID face book, I have really admired all your tremendous efforts for the dingoes.

    I understand how all this must have consumed so much of your lives.

    I think that you have achieved a lot, I think the dingoes would be so much worse off without your efforts.

    A lot of people I spoke to have wanted to pass on a big thank you to all of you for caring about the dingoes, on their behalf.

    Because most people desperately want them to still be there for their grandchildren!

    So a huge thank you

    From us Eumundi ladies and the locals here at this end of the coast. :)

    All the best


  21. L&B Sarjeant says:

    We are shocked and dismayed at the attitude towards these iconic
    Australian animals, indigenous to a precious World Heritage Site.
    Their treatment is inappropriate and cruel ; confronting to local
    people and visitors from Australia itself and even more so from
    overseas. At a time when we in Queensland need to re establish our
    tourist industry and especially with the Whale Watching season in
    Hervey Bay getting into full swing the last thing we need is the sight
    of these famous creatures being so infamously treated to destruction.
    Good luck with the campaign, please feel free to use this letter if
    you think it would help.

    Lin and Brian Sarjeant

  22. K says:

    I just received the latest newsletter. It is very worrying re the incident reporting & categories. No the poor creatures can’t win. They would be better treated at Koh Samui – in a third world country
    - which doesn’t say much for us Australians who apparently hold the stead of the best animal treatment & most humane slaughter in the world. We would beg to differ on many occasions but particularly for the Fraser Island Dingoes. As for Kate Jones she’s ducked & weaved & avoided responses. When she does respond it’s pointless anyway, as she always states that there is no problem. Here’s hoping that Andrew Powell may stay true to his word if elected, regards, K.

  23. G Gramlick says:

    SFID, as a dedicated team, has fought to bring public pressure upon Anna Bligh and ex Minister Kate Jones’s DERM, for the starvation plight of the Fraser Island dingoes.

    Sadly, previously run starvation programs and a constant cull rate due to bogus reasoning by DERM Rangers has depleted the numbers of this unique species to a point where that species survivability was, and still is, in serious question.

    Now DERM has taken it upon itself to deal this creature another cruel blow.

    It was well proven by Fraser Island’s foremost Dingo expert, Jennifer Parkhurst with her 7 years of unparalleled study of these dingoes, ear marking caused much distress to those marked, caused pack dysfunction and possible expelling of marked dog from packs and in cases, was a direct cause of death. Given this proven science of hers, the unconscionable attachment of bulky radio collars to the animals is clearly indicative of DERM’s inability to understand this threatened animal’s welfare.

    Attachment of such bulky unnatural movement inhibiting collars is profoundly bad science. Especially when science in this country can attach transponders to frogs and radio track them for weeks.

    Once again the unsuspecting public is being misled by agenda driven rhetoric into accepting that a weekend on Fraser Island (K’Gari) is sufficient for Councils, Governments and public alike to be satisfied the Fraser Island Dingo’s welfare is being cared for under best practices.

    The survival of this unique world heritage species reliant upon the the drive and dedicated stance of those such as SFID and supporters. It is far too easy to have a weekend sojourn, and then a headline that says, all is well – when it is not, even though a superficial facade may make it appear so.

    SFID is the force keeping the pure Fraser Island Dingo alive. When I see people who should know better, advising Council all is well, it seems to me that the Fraser Island’s Dingo’s demise is suddenly at threat of coming much faster.

    SFID is not about being Green. It is about humans standing for a species about to be wiped out. An organisation that neither holds a political stance, nor seeks fame. Its members selflessly and at personal monetary cost and personal threat to liberty, stand to defend the defenceless. Yet those who oppose its stance, are paid politicians, paid bureaucrats and profit seeking corporate interests and now it appears, even local councils.

    G Gramlick. Lilydale Victoria

  24. Barb says:

    I do greatly appreciate the work you and all in SFID do to save our precious dingoes, that is why I am committed to support what you do – I think that Jennifer is a real “dingo woman” and if she was given the opportunity she would do the research where the dingoes live without the need for the collars – as well as use her approach to educating the tourists to take responsibility for their behaviour and appreciation of seeing dingoes in the wild – she would convey respect for the animals and not fear as the DERM’s leaflet does – I can only hope that one day this will happen – well we have to work to make it so. BP

  25. Barb says:

    Jennifer’s leaflet is really excellent – we are going to photocopy it and distribute it – Jennifer knows the dingoes intimately and her research into their behaviour should be recognised – it would have paid for DERM to have co-operated with Jennifer to produce such a excellent leaflet instead of their horrible one – fancy using a stick to hit the dingo? they have no idea at all, thanks once again, all the best to you and Malcom, Barbara

  26. Maxine Pitts says:

    Frazer Island is a World Heritage Listed area. This means Australia has obligations to protect it and its wildlife for the whole world and it also means the welfare of the environment and its wildlife takes prioty over human pleasure.
    There is particular legislation governing Australia’s environmental obligation under Frazer Island’s World Heritage listing. Australia is bound to implement this legislation on behalf of the world. However the number of humans allowed on the island appears to indicate that Australia is either not taking its obligations seriously or governments agencies tasked with administrating such legisation are weak or under-resourced.
    To change this situation, campaigners need to target legislators to include a more stringent behaviour code for humans visiting the island, to reduce their annual numbers and ban their vehicles. Under voter pressure, there may be more opportunity to not only modify legislation but strengthen administration agencies to better monitor this very precious environment and its dingoes.

  27. Rachael says:

    All creatures of this earth, including us, have a right to live their lives in the most natural way possible. I don’t understand why some human beings feel that killing god’s creatures is the only way to go in order for the human race to survive. Let’s show more love towards all, the world would be a much more beautiful place to live in.

  28. jenna walker says:

    The pictures of the dingos are soo cute oh and i saw the australian story and i now when i grow up i want to do something about the dingos so that we can save them.Oh and by the way i am 9 years old and i want to save the dingos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. elisabeth newhouse says:

    Hi Jennifer, Its a really sad watching what is happening to our dingoes on fraser island. I wonder if there would be as many people visiting the island if the dingoes were not there??? I hope they put in feeding stations soon before the dingoes all die out. The dingoes should be protected like any other native animal looking at extinction.Why is it taking so long for the people making the decisions to do something positive to help these poor animals.Its makes me wonder how they would treat their families.???I for one am disgusted in the way these poor beasts are being treated. Good on you for bringing this to the light.

  30. Mr Jack Dempsey MP LNP Bundaberg says:

    2nd March 2011

    Response to Australia Story episode on Jennifer Pankhurst

    AFTER watching Monday’s Australian Story episode on Fraser Island dingo activist Jennifer Pankhurst, Opposition Shadow Environment, Climate Change and Sustainability Minister Jack Dempsey has expressed his continuing concern for the plight of Australia’s last remaining pure-bred native dogs.

    “Sadly the Fraser Island dingo population is at threat due to a lack of food and the Bligh government response to the crisis is woefully inadequate,” Mr Dempsey said.

    “We have the last of our country’s pure dingoes starving on Fraser Island and the Department of Environment and Resource Management is failing to act.”

    “Unfortunately, under the Bligh government DERM has become another department more concerned about bureaucratic red tape than achieving results.”

    “Instead of focusing on proactive steps to protect this precious species, DERM is too busy enforcing the letter of the law against a woman who was only trying to desperately help these starving animals.”

    “It was telling that Environment and Resource Management Minister Kate Jones didn’t even appear on the Australian Story episode, instead she sent departmental officers to face the media.”

    “When it comes to the Fraser Island dingoes, Minister Jones has always hidden behind the courts because she doesn’t want to address the department’s failure to properly manage the dingoes.”

    “Unfortunately, the Environment and Resource Management Minister is too busy applying bureaucratic red tape and posing with koalas instead of addressing serious concerns such as the struggling Fraser Island dingo population.”

    “Minister Jones needs to stop avoiding the issue and step in to protect these dingoes before it is too late.”

    Media contact: Chris McLoughlin on 4152 1476 or 0413 485 766

  31. Warren Taylor says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    You are a wonderful person and the world needs more people like you, I watched the Australian story and you are a bloody legend. It must of took great restraint to not feed the dingos in the first place so i can understand why you did. personally I would have cracked out my lunch box before the camera……. But You keep fighting and the world will take of its own….. I am going to join see if I can help….

  32. Hi Alexia, thank you for your very moving description of your dingo encounter.

  33. Hi Janet,

    thank you for joining SFID and for signing the petition. i have just uploaded some e-mail addys you can write to. apart from that, please write to your local MP and ask him to raise the matter in Parliament. i look forward to working with you in the future

  34. Janet Moyle says:

    Dear Jennifer, I can’t stop feeling an agony since seeing Australian Story. I have signed the petition and am joining and donating to SFID. Do you sell your photographs of the dingos? Please tell me if there is anything else I can DO.

  35. Stephen Boyes says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    The story on A.B.C. Australian story touched us all.The work you do with the dingos is nothing short of amazing. As a dingo owner , and a member ( not for a while )of Dingo care network, I can understand your passion and dedication to such a unique animal.I have to say ,it seems to me you where a scape goat , and set up. The judge on your trial was clearly, the wrong person for the job!
    As a wildlife shelter operator, I can empathise with your sightings of starving dingos.The dingo is very miss understood.I have been involved in fighting for our unique grey headed flying fox here in Bendigo ,Victoria for about a year, I have been responsible for getting our local council into serious trouble for harming the bats ( very well known with the media ).I to work in with D.S.E and park rangers all the time.So I can understand your fight!Keep fighting the fight and the good work that you do.The dingos would be in serious trouble with out you!
    Take care
    Steve Boyes ( A.K.A. ,BATMAN )
    Eureka Wildlife Shelter
    Kangaroo Flat, Victoria

  36. Dear Mary,
    thank you for this beautiful letter. it really is lovely.
    those dingoes over there are individuals just like your shepxkelpie and dont deserve to suffer.

    i hope you wont be too disappointed when i tell you i was the adult accompanying that little girl whose hair was pulled. she was my goddaughter. she did get upset, and cried, but she had a rottweiler dog that gave her worse bites than Moonlight did. you are right, however, i should never have allowed her to have food with her. and most problems with kids on Fraser are caused by lack of appropriate adult supervision. she did go back the next day and visit the dingoes again, and many times after that, just so you know she wasnt traumatised.

    Please see the photos I have added to the page. for some reason dingoes love pulling hair and clothes. i have many pictures like this.

    we certainly are not a superior race to the animals. they treat each other a lot better than we do

    we dont have great t-shirts at the moment, but will be getting some in. we do have beautiful mugs with a picture of two dingo pups hugging, we also have posters and stickers.

  37. You can join SFID as mentioned in another comment reply, and also you can sign the petition at:

    Humane Society Internationa, World League for Protection of Animals, Wildlife Protection Association of Australia, National Dingo Preservation and Recovery Program, and many others are affiliated with us and are trying their best to help us make a difference! we need your voice too.

  38. Marion McLean says:

    I am absolutely appalled at the inhumane treatment of such a unique Australian animal. If we treated our domestic animals in our home environment in this way we would be charged with cruelty (and rightly so!) How can I help?? How can this situation be highlighted and what organisation can I join to get this message out there into the public domain?

  39. Mary Dreger says:

    Jennifer…I wear a wrist band that reads “we always need hero’s”. Thank you for what you are striving to do for the beautiful Dingo’s of Frazer Island and thank you for being a Hero in my eyes. Your art work is truly beautiful. Are we able to purchase any Tee Shirts on line that could support this great cause? Perhaps something with one of your beautiful photographs of a dingo displayed on it. I watched Australian Story last night with sadness in my heart for these beautiful creatures as my Shepherd X Kelpie lay with his head on a red silk cushion on the lounge. It is not rocket science to see that these animals are starving and acting in a manner like any animal would placed in a similar environment. Watching the dingo pull the little girls hair and then nipping her was pure stupidity on the part of the accompanying adult whilst this child was eating sweets. As they say Common Sense is not so common any more. Wishing you and your cause strength, power, understanding and peace of mind. It astounds me how some humans treat animals and then call ourselves a superior race….It only proves to me how much we still have to learn. Power to you dear lady. Mary

  40. RobynAnne says:

    Watched “Australian Story” tonight and I pray this publicity helps to further your cause and save the dingoes. I am sending off my comments to DERM now. PEACE.

  41. Victoria McKinnon says:

    Hi there, just watched Aust Story…… Great story, bugga of an outcome for you Jen. NEVER should have happened.. Parks & W’life (& You) went about this so wrong, but I suppose you already know that ay???? (Men, always seem to have us do silly bloody things… in the name of ‘love’)any way – why didn’t the parky’s see your footage as a valuable source of insight? those dogs where in DESPERATE need of human intervention (no… not rifle-itis) but some sort of feeding program (or something – I also, don’t have a bit of paper from a man in a gown & funny flat hat) but I have lived in very close proximity to dingoes (I grew up on a large station in Cape York, 25 odd years ago now but….) I still live rather in the “bush” as most people see it, (byfield) & just last night had 2 dingos (more likely dingo X)not 100 meters from my shed, I have 4 dogs,(3 cattle dogs & a mastiff/cattle) they where really cracking up. but the ‘dingo’s’ are only looking for healthy bitches, & having, what I call there own personal amusement… by stressing out the domestic dogs… there has been casualty’s both domestic & dingo – but we live on there patch…. so we deal with it…. I truly believe (EVERY TIME) I hear a story of a dog or dingo attacking, my first questions are “what did the child do to the dog?” I find every time, the child/person has always provoked the animal or hurt the animal… history has shown us that if you are starving, you will & can do things you never thought you would do, even eat eachother. The footage of the dingo listening then BOLTING in fear of the parky’s toyota, screamed volumes to me… I hope Australian Story brings the RIGHT kind of attention to the poor dogs.

  42. Glenis Foster says:

    Humans have the power to change things for the better or the worse for the rest of the Dingos that have lived on Frazer Island for hundreds of years. When an animal is starving how can we as an intellegent race not help the less fortunate.
    These animals need our help without it they will all die and we the superior race again will have helped another species become the way of the Dodo.

  43. alexia watling says:

    I am disgusted as an Australian, to see what is happening to our native dogs especially on Fraser Island. I have been to Fraser several times and on one occasion had a very spiritual experience with a dingo. I was sitting on the beach looking out to sea, when a male dingo came and sat beside me. He did not growl or attempt to hurt me, we just sat together for about 10minutes then he got up sniffed my leg and left. It was a wonderful experience.
    I cannot understand why the Government doesn’t do something to save these incredible creatures. Its just a SHAME!!! We should all be ashamed of our history for allowing our most tresured native animals to become extinct or endangered, particularly the dingo.
    Here’s hoping that SOMEONE with some power will step in and help.
    Alexia Watling, Queensland.

  44. VAL SAWERS says:

    I am frustrated after seeing the Australian Story program tonight. I want to donate to a continued legal fight on this deeply moving and important issue. But all I can see is pictures and poetry. Give me the opportunity to help fight this gross stupidity and appalling lack of compassion.

    Multiply me by tens of thousands and you might see how an extraordinary opportunity is being lost. I am not interested in the past culture of the organisation, I am interested in the promotion of change now.

    So where do I go to donate my $100?

  45. I am appalled about the treatment of our dingos on Fraser Island and throughout Australia. Fraser Island is a National Park and should not be used for recreational purposes to the detriment of our native animals. If anyone is guilty it is the Bureaucracy at all levels for not taking steps to ensure the welfare of the dingos on the Island. Ensuring that they have a supply of the natural food available to them would be a solution. I suspect that the development of the island as a tourist playground has depleted their natural prey and nourishing plants. Hand over the management of the island to the trditional owners who I am sure would have more compassion and understanding than the self interested group of park rangers.

  46. Alex & joel Sainsbury says:

    Dear Jennifer, We just watched the Australian story and are very sorry for your ordeal and cannot believe that you were procescuted for helping the DIngo’s. We want to go there and help, we were very upset and had tears in our eyes, and could not believe the state of the dingo’s and why they would not stop them from starving. You are amazing, do not give up. We are sorry you have suffered for helping animals. May you be blessed in all you do, and may others help the dingo’s.

    Hugs and much love,

    Alex (10) and Joel(8) Sainsbury from Canberra

  47. michael gardiner says:

    its about time people were removed from Frazer Island and let one of our native animals survive.
    I can’t understand why 4 wheel drive people many just piss heads trying to prove their manhood ,more important than an endangered species,
    yes I am angry because too many of our native animals have disappeared for short term gain.

  48. michael gardiner says:

    its about time people were removed from Frazer Island and let one of our native animals survive.
    I can’t understand why 4 wheel drive people many just piss heads more important than an endangered species,
    yes I am angry because too many of our native animals have disappeared for short term gain.

  49. Fran Harris says:

    I have just watched Australian Story about the Frazer Island Dingos, I am appalled and I want to do something to allow these unique dogs to survive with dignity. The rangers of the government have a lot to answer for.How could you withdraw food from an animal. The rangers judging by the autopsy reports seem to have a “Gun Ho”It is truly shamful.

    Fran Harris

  50. BOB WILLIAMS says:

    (C) WILLIAMS BROS.2011

  51. BOB WILLIAMS says:


  52. Dingosimon says:

    You have been a very busy girl I see. That must have taken ages to source and correlate.
    And still DERM will not sit down and discuss a better joint way of improving the future of our dingo.
    What will it take for them to see we can work together?

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