Dingo Photographs

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Donated to Auction for SFID – sold. Re-print on request

 1952 – ‘Ronin, Alpha Male’… Ronin used to put on awesome displays of dominance, but he never once hurt me. He was a very shy alpha male that was able to scare off other dingoes with a glance, but had a deep instinctive fear of humans.  I was the only human Ronin ever trusted. He was never involved in any incidents but seems to have been destroyed, according to Government media statements*.


Donated to Auction for SFID – sold. Re-print on request

 2007 – ‘Ronin and Shiloh’. It is the father’s job to chastise the pups and teach them the laws of dingo society. Sometimes this was difficult to watch, but I understood that Ronin had his reasons. Shiloh was eventually run over by a car before she was 12 months old.


Donated to Auction for SFID – sold. Re-print on request

 3125 – ‘Coconut asleep’. I called her Coconut because  the first time I saw her, she was playing with a coconut that was almost the same size as she was! Sadly, Coconut was murdered by Ronin after she was tagged.


Donated to Auction for SFID – sold. Re-print on request

 3169 – ‘Bundy, I can see myself in your eyes’. Bundy was the alpha male pup, but he was very gentle. This photo was taken on the last day of his life. Bundy was murdered by Ronin when he was tagged.



 4499 – ‘Vanishing Icon’ book cover. This is Kirra and Ronin on the day they mated in 2008, during the ‘afterglow’. You can clearly see their affection for each other.


Donated to Auction for SFID – sold. Re-print on request

 6221 – ‘Blue Eyes’. Some dingoes’ eyes glow blue in the spotlight, and others’ glow green. KJ was a brave little warrior, but she never made it through to adulthood.


Donated to Auction for SFID – sold. Re-print on request

 6298 ‘Pepsi eating echidna’. Little Pepsi affected me more than any dingo pup I even knew, purely because of her determination to live. Here, she tries to get some nourishment from an echidna skin, but there is no nutrient left in it. Pepsi died when she was 3 months old, from starvation.


Donated to Auction for SFID – sold. Re-print on request

 6492 – ‘Secret Puppy Business’. These pups seem to be having a discussion via mental telepathy… however the way they are staring at each other is actually an invitation to play. In the next moment after this photo was taken, the two pups to the right burst into a sudden game of chasey.


Donated to Auction for SFID – sold. Re-print on request

 6682 – ‘Shiloh’. Shiloh had beautiful distinctive long white socks. She also had a distinctive personality; she was very shy! I will never forget this moment when she eased closer to me and stared at me quietly for the first time.


Still available

 7312 – ‘Kirra regurgitating for Mintie’. At this stage Pepper, Pepsi and KJ had died, and out of the remaining pups, Minite was the smallest. Kirra regurgitated for Mintie until he was 6 months old. FI dingoes try their hardest to make sure that all of their pups survive. Mintie died shortly after this photo was taken.


Donated to Auction for SFID – sold. Re-print on request

 8538 – ‘Mintie eating bandicoot’. What a privilege it was to be able to see things like this in the wild. Kirra delivered 1 bandicoot carcass and 1 echidna carcass to the pups a week, and Ronin delivered food to them as well. Both parents regurgitated for them every day.


Donated to Auction for SFID – sold. Re-print on request

 8673 – ‘Quiet Moment with Mum’. Kirra was very affectionate and enjoyed many of these quiet moments with her pups.


Donated to Auction for SFID – sold. Re-print on request

 8809 – ‘Maxi in the straw’. Maxi was the largest of the female pups, and was the only pup to survive this season. Maxi disappeared just before Kirra whelped her next litter, which was catastrophic for Kirra. Dingo bitches need at least one pup from the previous litter, to help raise the new pups.


Still available

 9160 – ‘Pepsi waiting for food’. Pepsi was the lowest ranking puppy, and as such, was the last to have a turn at the food. Subsequently, she spent a lot of time lying quietly, waiting for a turn that most times, never came.


Still available

 9230 – ‘Three pups in den’. These cheeky little alpine puppies are fat compared for FI dingoes of the same age!

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8 Responses to Dingo Photographs

  1. Bradley says:

    I love these paintings! especially the “kirra at waterhole” one. but I can’t really afford to pay 650 for it! it would be fantastic if you could do up prints of some of these (if it were financially viable of course!) as i’m sure they would fly out the door!

  2. Ronin says:

    Gday brave Jenfa. Excellent imagery. Admiration always, Ro.

  3. Anne Baeyertz says:

    Dear Jennifer. I think Paul has spoken to you, but I would very much like to commission a small painting of a Fraser Island dingo and I’m not sure what sizes you use, or which one I would like. I loved the one you did for Alan and Marion (Ray’s brother)in NZ – perhaps one similar. Look forward to hearing from you. We hope to be in Rainbow Beach some time after 10 Oct for a few days. Regards Anne.

  4. M Bozwell says:

    What amazing paintings you do Jennifer!!! They are truly beautiful. You have a way of making the paintings come to life. I know you must use “photos” of the subject you are going to paint – but your paintings are just so alive with personality. I saw the painting (on SFID website) of the german shepherd dog you painted – it was brilliant..
    I hope you sell many, many paintings as you are a very talented, sensitive, caring person Jennifer. I know I have not met you but I can tell the sort
    of person you are thru your work and compassion about animals!!!!
    I wish you much success in the future..
    Kind regards,

  5. heather jane black says:

    Dear Jennifer
    I have just found this page.Your ARTWORK is BEAUTIFUL.Having a tearful moment for you.I will endeavour to help more.Will keep buying a lotto ticket,although that seems futile.
    God bless

  6. jenna walker says:


  7. Sally Chapman says:

    Interested in purchase of a photo to post (Kirra and Ronin as per your book cover) to Gremany as a wedding gift. Could you investigate the postage cost, as I fear it may be prohibitive. Alternatively, is it possible to have a smaller print made if the poast is really expensive?

    I ADORE your work, although it too often makes me cry (like now.)

  8. Marie Marchese says:

    I never cease to be horrified by our cruelty to others and to those with whom we share this planet. The ego of human beings is the one thing that gets us into disharmony with all.

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